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If you’ve worked tirelessly to land an interview at your dream company, don’t let it be overshadowed by an unhealthy or unattractive smile.
Text by Kaya Baez | June 10, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

Unfortunately, even if you ace your interview, your future employer might not have heard a word you said if your teeth looked as though they haven’t been maintained for years. This is a serious issue that many people don’t take into account when setting up a job interview with a potential employer, or when they set out to achieve a promotion or land new business with their current company. Statistics show that being educated is only half of the battle when interviewing for a job. In fact, studies have shown that a gorgeous, healthy smile has been found to improve your first impression by 30%, regardless of the context. And to me, landing your dream career (or that dream client) is key to a successful, happy and healthy life. Ultra Smile is here to help you achieve your dreams by providing the best dental care that you deserve, for an extra 30% confidence boost no matter what career you may be chasing.

Nadja A. Horst, D.M.D., P.A. is President of Ultra Smile, an affiliate of Give Kids A Smile. Horst graduated from Nova Southeastern University and has been practicing for over 10 years; [email protected]; 305.372.1020.

Teeth Talk
When it comes to your chompers, there’s a lot of cool facts you may not have realized existed. Here are a few that’ll make you a hit next time you want to start a conversation. — Kaya Baez

Smile Set
Humans have 2 sets of teeth throughout their lives: Baby Teeth, comprised of 20 teeth, and Adult Teeth, featuring 32 teeth, including wisdom teeth, which often have to be removed.




Tooth Duty
Each type of tooth has its own unique function. Incisors help bite food, while canines help hold and tear that food apart. Molars help grind food and get it ready to swallow.




Daily Grind
Teeth grinding is a serious issue that requires immediate attention by a qualified dentist. Complications of this condition include headaches, sensitive teeth, soar jaw and flat teeth. A fitting for a toothguard to wear at night is usually the best solution.