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Liquid Remedies

When it comes to good looks, Julia Onnie-Hay, Founder of Bless Botanicals that sets up shop at the Midtown Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning, has a bunch of great easy-fixin’ beauty recipes just about anybody can try at home. Here are a few.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 28, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

Nettle Infusion For Lustrous Hair & Skin
To make nettle infusion, pour boiling water over dried or fresh stinging nettle leaves, cover and let seep for 30-60 mins to make a powerful, earthy, deep-green concoction. Strain out the leaves and drink like a tea (extra tasty as a nettle latte by adding coconut or almond milk and raw local honey). If working with fresh nettle leaves, beware. The plant is called stinging nettle for a reason! When the plant is dried or cooked (such as in an infusion), it loses its stinging qualities.

Organic Rose Water To Beautify
Make your own homemade rose water by filling a mason jar with fresh organic rose petals and witch hazel or aguardiente. Close the lid of the jar tight and let it seep for a moon cycle (28 days), shaking the jar once per day while putting your prayers and good juju into the mix. On the 28th day, open the jar and strain out the rose petals. Put the rose water into a clear, air-tight container. Use as a beautifying toner or light fragrance to increase attraction. For external use only.

Passionflower Leaf Tincture
Herbalize your bedtime routine with a celebrated tropical herb, passionflower (known as maracuya in Spanish). While the fruit of this plant brings us a delicious, sour treat high in Vitamin C, the leaves of the plant are a powerful sedative. Simply fill a jar 1/3 of the way with fresh or dried passionflower leaves and fill to the top of the jar with aguardiente. Close the lid tight and let seep for a month. Strain out the passionflower leaves and put the liquid in a clean air-tight bottle or jar. Drink a spoonful 30 mins before bed. Sweet dreams, sleeping beauty!