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We’re always looking for ways to improve our lives, and it seems like no matter who we speak to lately, everyone is bragging about the wonderful benefits of lemon water. So what can drinking a little lemon throughout the day really do for you? Well, lots.
Text by Ros Prado | June 1, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

Some people just don’t enjoy gulping plain old water, but a little citrus addition can help us all chug a little more. And although staying hydrated is the obvious benefit, lemon water is also loaded with Vitamin C, a proven immune system booster. Drinking it daily can help you stay healthy during flu season and it’ll also aid digestion, relieve constipation and help flush out toxins from your system. Its detoxifying effect will in turn clear up your skin and make you look radiant all year long. Lemon-flavored fizzy waters from brands like Dasani, St. Croix and Canada Dry are also good bets to keep you hydrated once you’ve had your fill of natural zest.