Issue – November 2014

More Than Bricks & Mortar

What makes a house more than just a simple structure? Well, there’s a lot that goes into it. Read on to discover what exactly imbues our living spaces with that special sense of home we all long for, no matter where we decide to reside.

Interior Flow

When it comes to creating breathtaking interiors for homes and condos around the country, Debbie Travin of DLT Interiors is at the top of her game — and she’s bringing a little Manhattan magic to The Magic City.

Birthday Wishes

Goodie-bags and personalized cakes are just some things to consider when throwing a child’s birthday bash. From picnics to guestlists, planning your little one’s party can be exciting and stressful. Let’s make it as perfect as possible.

For Saké’s Sake

When it comes to saké, many people only know to order it hot or cold. But there’s a whole world out there to discover about this libation you should be aware of before your next outing.

Home Cookin’

The rapid growth of Miami’s dining scene over the past few years has made it too easy to enjoy home-style meals, rather than home-cooked ones. As a city, we’re quickly losing our connection to cooking for ourselves and for our loved ones and if we keep this up, we might not know how to reclaim it.

Oral Fix

Oil pulling, also known as kavala or gunusha, is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique usually associated with Indian medical remedies that dates back almost 5,000 years.

Cocktail Conjurer

With Psychology, Theatre, and Event Planning degrees from UCF and bar credentials from Cadillac Ranch, Katsuya and Tobacco Road, Leo Holtzman was destined to become a craft bartender. He’s an impeccable host, great listener, born entertainer and has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

Blues Jam

Blues legend Keb’Mo has 3 Grammys under his belt, has penned the Mike & Molly theme song and toured The Sunshine State with Zac Brown Band. What more could he ask for? Well, Cuban comfort food for one.

Instant Adrenaline

All motorcycles inspire a sense of adventure, but none create an obsession to head out to the grocery store by way of Africa like the BMW R 1200 GS.

Pumpkin Smash

Get in the holiday spirit with this Thanksgiving-inspired smoothie-style concoction sure to get you tipsy and turvy no matter where you decide to gobble down.


Remember when kale was just that weird green leaf that health freaks use to put in their smoothies? Yeah, that’s sooooo last year! Lovinah Natural’s Kale Chia Berry Body Serum is sure to turn you into a fan.

Bright Ideas

If inventions intrigue you, and you’re looking to tap into your inner nerd, make sure to experience The Patently Impossible Project Challenge this month at Miami Science Museum.

Home Sparkle

Cleaning is something that has to be done — either by ourselves or with some help. But exposing our bodies to strong cleaning chemicals can be harmful to our health. Here’s a little recipe for a homemade cleaner that will make the process much more polished and a lot less dangerous.

Primary Care

When you’re sick, you probably go to the doctor, but who helps you look after your health when you’re not sick? Seeing a doctor shouldn’t be just for sick visits or annual physicals.

Hurricane Fantine

Russian by birth, Dominican at heart and radiating raw Australian spirit, the triple-threat singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Fantine Pritoula, is taking Miami by storm with the aid of local legend Emilio Estefan.


Watches continue to be man’s favorite power accessory. With a mix of metals, leathers and gems, these chronograph stunners for him are sure to make everyone green with envy.

Banking On Giving

Andre Siegel believes in business with compassion. As the Senior Marketing Manager at Sabadell United Bank, he communicates this message through the creation of advertising campaigns, and is the liaison between the institution’s brand and its customers.

Fresh Fizz

The Foss Marai Collection of sparkling wines prefers partying to cellaring. Keep a few bottles on hand to start a celebration with just the pop of a cork.


Whether you’re in the market for a primary residence, a vacation home or an investment property, you should direct your attention toward the expansive offerings at NINE At Mary Brickell Village.

Clips & Caché

Adding a brooch can amp up any look with a punch of personal style, but have you considered what a shoe clip can do for your head-to-toe look?

Wanderer’s Apps

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, we have a few apps that will make your life easier. Some you won’t stop using, and one we hope you’ll never have to use. Either way, keep them handy — you never know when they might save the day.

Eternal Time

Owning a luxury timepiece is a wonderful investment. Some people equate it to owning a luxury car. And as anyone who owns a piece of art can confirm, it takes some work and dedication to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are a few things to consider.


We’re always looking for ways to improve our lives, and it seems like no matter who we speak to lately, everyone is bragging about the wonderful benefits of lemon water. So what can drinking a little lemon throughout the day really do for you? Well, lots.

Body Beautiful

It’s a rare person who doesn’t have a little fat around their middle that they would like to get rid of. Fortunately, in the last couple of years there has been new technology that has been FDA-approved to specifically address this concern.

Party Starter

Sublette Hernandez is a model event manager whose earned top honors from JWU’s Hospitality School, accumulated experience from appointments at the Fontainebleau & Trump National Hotel and has participated in her fair share of events — as a pageant contestant.


Get ready to welcome the social season in style and spirit with The InterContential Miami’s Make-A-Wish Ball, an annual event that has makes dreams come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions around the community.

Financial Socials

Let’s face it, the finance world can be quite confusing, but thankfully Twitter is here to save the day! Follow these awesome accounts to get up-to-date financial stories and commentaries that will help you make sense of the mad, mad world of money.

Perfect Storm

Hurricane Lamborghini is approaching South Florida at 200 MPH, with seating for 2, all-wheel-drive and more attitude than a room full of Kardashians. In short, this car is a dream come true for attention junkies.

Steak Sizzle

Buenos Aires, Montreal & Kobe all have their steak traditions, but you won’t have to travel far to reach these beefy banquets.


Preservation isn’t just about being green — it’s about giving a building new life and new purpose while highlighting its best assets and minding the environment. The recently revitalized Vagabond Hotel in the MiMo District is a shining example of this concept.

Debonair Flair

When it comes to fashion, there’s Do’s and Don’ts. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you walk out the door wearing something you shouldn’t, or leaving without something you should.


Invite someone into your home, and they’ll have a pretty good idea of the type of person you are. There are few things more special (and personal) than having guests drop in for a visit.

ElitE Espresso

Be your own best barista. To discerning connoisseurs, the perfect cup of espresso is an art form. La Marzocco agrees.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.


The key to hosting a successful house party, no matter the size of your abode, is to think outside the box and get as ridiculous and extreme as your creative mind and your budget will allow. Some of these ideas are a bit out there, but imagine as you read through what would happen if you incorporated some (or all) of them into your next party.

Land Of Good Spirits

A trip to Peru’s Sacred Valley is sure to be a feast for the senses with surprises at every turn and adventures waiting to be had everywhere you go — but the real journey will begin when you get back home.


As the world becomes all the more global, look to the trending evolution of effective people and products to predict the future of work, home & design…but don’t assume it will be bigger or better…instead, understand it will be more mobile, compact, nimble and agile.

Cause Crusader

Getting involved with a cause you care about can up your happiness, broaden your skillset and help you find a more meaningful place in the world.

Shared Spaces

If you’re in need of a change of scenery when it comes to where you get work done, co-working facilities offer an office setting that anyone can utilize — sans the office politics…for the most part.

Intriguing Allure

Sleek silhouettes and cutting-edge details help define an empowering, enticing look for Fall.


Tragic Commedia

Highlighted by one of the most tragic tenor arias of all time “Vesti la giubba,” the original “Tears of a Clown,” Florida Grand Opera’s presentation of Ruggero Leoncavallo’s I pagliacci is a not-to-be missed tour de force.

Design Minds

Step into a world where interior and exterior spaces meld to create a harmonious symphony of design, architecture and functional aesthetics that redefines spaces and leaves a lasting impact. Introducing a curated collection of DESIGN MINDS — industry leaders from some of South Florida’s top design firms who showcase their sources of inspiration and secrets to success.