Preservation isn’t just about being green — it’s about giving a building new life and new purpose while highlighting its best assets and minding the environment. The recently revitalized Vagabond Hotel in the MiMo District is a shining example of this concept.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila Photos courtesy of The Vagabond Hotel | June 1, 2018 | People

Pairing passion for architecture and preservation, Avra Jain is making the old new by rehabilitating historic buildings into chic urban escapes. While other developers opt to demolish entire buildings and start from scratch, Avra and her team instead revive structures according to strict eco and preservation principles. Her most recent project, The Vagabond Hotel, a classic “jet-age” landmark designed by B. Robert Swartburg in 1953, embodies the characteristics of Post-War Era MiMo style. Throughout the open-air plan that showcases eye-catching geometric designs, Avra repurposed gems like the Dade County pine from the original roof to use for the floors and meticulously restored the property’s famous mermaid sculpture and pool mosaic. Pairing modern amenities with a retro-chic nautical theme makes this ‘50s beauty a style icon with a fresh perspective that will ensure the continued evolution of its unique historic legacy;