Eye Wonder

More than windows to our souls, our eyes interpret a flurry of stimuli in a split-second and can reveal stories of love, life and health.

Style Minds

Meet a carefully curated selection of Miami fashion designers ready to have you looking your best from head-to-toe this season and beyond with collections that will make jaws drop and eyes flutter.

Style Prodigy

Ariel Swedroe Weinberg’s bold, colorful prints are both alluring and eye-catching. This 13-year-old fashion entrepreneur is making a name for herself in the world of fashion, art and tech with Swedroe Art To Wear by Ariel.

Look Luster

Like a crown on a queen, a masterfully coiffed mane is the best accessory a lady can don. Lutz Karpf has the ladies lined up for fierce looks that turn heads throughout The Magic City and beyond.

Mission Accomplished

When Bestselling Author Jeffrey S. Stephens launched his nail-biting, page-turning first novel in 2007, its success would result in an unprecedented series that has the world on the edge of its seat anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Artist’s Touch

For Carlos Alves, creating big and small works of art from scratch with his wife J.C. is what makes living amongst art worth all the hard work it takes to create them.

Key Honor

Getting a “Key To The City” is a meaningful distinction given to highly esteemed residents and visitors, and Jose Luis Melo of The Melo Group is one of the latest local visionaries to have received the honor.

Genuine Gins

Ready to take flight? Let Alexis Sanchez show you the way around the world with 40 types of gin and plenty of flight options at The Traymore Gin Bar, the only gin-tasting destination in the region.

Sparkling Success

When you’re looking to buy that dazzling diamond sparkler for your special someone, Freddy’s Certified Diamonds & Fine Jewelry should be the one and only stop on your quest for the perfect piece.

Immersive Views

The way we view and experience real estate has been transformed by technology and innovation. Learn how Gonzalo Navarro is visualizing projects and giving them life via fully immersive digital experiences.

Shining Bright

Little Lighthouse Foundation’s new Executive Director, Jonahtan Babicka, is shining new light on the organization’s mission to inspire caring, passionate locals to take action in the community to benefit children.

Live Securely

The world is ever-changing…and not always for the better. Specialized Protection Services understands this and offers professional executive, personal, property, private event, place-of-worship protection and much more.

Elegantly Eclectic

Tiffany Dominguez takes creativity to a whole new level with her out-of-this-world, timeless jewelry line that puts the “magic” in Magic City.

Exhilarating Times

Javier Cuadros helps build cities, one building at a time, one community at a time. It is a collaborative effort between the city, the community and the development team with the goal of improving quality of life.

Everyone’s Favorite

Perricone’s has been serving homestyle Italian cuisine in the heart of Brickell long before the neighborhood became a household name. This month, the restaurant celebrates its 20th anniversary — but don’t expect velvet rope parties and fancy invites to commemorate the occasion…this is the kind of place where ordering the usual will never disappoint.

Mighty Fine Pour

The Magic City’s drink scene is heating up with Roy A. Roig’s sip-worthy creations at Trust & Co. in Coral Gables that perfectly please with every pour.

Interior Influx

These interior design pros are ready to help you create the home of your dreams with stunning insight and expert attention to every last detail.

Craft On!

Pops of flamingo pink, blue ocean hues and crisp whites set the backdrop for TV personality and DIY “Queen Of Craft” Amber Kemp-Gerstel’s trés chic blog Damask Love, where craft is always in session.

Tasty Surprise

When New York hospitality expert Steven Kamali was tapped for the much-anticipated Triptych Luxury Hotel in Miami, the fact that he will bring years of lavish culinary programming to the groundbreaking development straddling Wynwood, Midtown and the Design District did not go unnoticed.

Pampered Life

When one imagines the life of ultra-affluence, private at-home massages, lavish dinner parties and personal helicopters nixing the Dixie Highway’s gridlock spring to mind. Scott & Angelique Gerow of 360 Concierge & Staffing make such daydreams a reality.

Fantastic Flair

Victor Merino has plenty of tricks up his sleeve as he serves fantastic cocktails with flair from Segafredo Brickell’s hip bar.

Artistic Plans

Peggy Hollander, Founder & Managing Partner of The Succession Group, helps create and implement sophisticated, custom-tailored planning strategies for art collectors to frame their legacy.

Movin’ On Up

Brian Gordon is a big-name in real estate development across the Midwest, putting his personal touch on some of Chicago’s most exciting condominium complexes. His next focus? The Magic City.

Local SheRo

William Shakespeare once exclaimed: How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world. Victim’s Advocate and all-around champion for women’s rights, Kattia A. Castellanos, is a prime example of that sentiment.


It takes a special kind of fanaticism to devote one’s life to something like classic cars. And it takes a certain set of smarts to make money doing it. Palm Beach Classics has both in spades.

Party Pointers

What screams party more than a freshly cracked bottle of bubbly? Figuring that an expert in Prosecco would also be a celebration savant, we had J. Eugenio Cavallin Attias of Foss Marai give us some pointers on flawless festivities.

Getting Crafty

Drop by The Commonwealth and feel like a local as you quench your thirst with an array of whiskeys, hard-to-find craft beers and hand-crafted cocktails served up by flavor artist Bradley Gorman and his crew of cocktail hawkers.

Universal Creativity

With The Other Dimension, Cuban-born Miami Artist Antuan Rodriquez addresses the ongoing human quest for universal communication through forms, symbols and codes.


In one of the country’s most expensive municipalities, to say real estate is at a premium is an understatement. Interested in knowing more about the brokers that make living in Miami a reality, we’ve gathered some of Miami’s most successful realtors and found out just what it is that makes these titans tick.

Capturing Miami

Our city is constantly changing, especially in the last decade. Kiko Ricote has lovingly photographed it from every angle possible — terra firma, on the water and from the sky. The result is Miami: Visually Speaking.

Skill Shared

If you can’t book a D’Oleo Analytica training and development session, paging through Venture Dynamics: Concepts, Theory & Practice by Jonathan D’Oleo is the next best thing.

Great Grass

Imagine a lush, verdant lawn, untouched by the ravages of oppressive water costs and the tyrannical Miami sun. Luis Barrios and the good people of MBM Grass can make just such a dream a reality.

Constructing Dreams

Hurricane Andrew changed Miami forever, but one silver lining that resulted was the founding of the Miami affiliate of Christmas In April — now called Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade.

Property Makers

Development is a field that builds giants — giants of steel and giants of industry. Kevin Maloney, Founder of Property Markets Group [PMG], has spent the last 25 years ascending to such stature.

Pushing The Envelope

Sugar at East’s Andrew Leu believes that by continually coming up with new ideas and ingredients for cocktails on or off the menu, it inspires everyone.

Big Deals

When it comes to the legal fine print behind some of the most complex transactions in Miami’s ever-evolving skyline, Estrellita S. Sibila and Jacqueline M. Lage of real estate and corporate law firm Sibila + Lage welcome any and all challenges with open arms.

Nautical Enterprise

Carey Chen has taken a natural talent and created an empire with his nautical art appearing on clothing, wines, bags, towels, shorts, shower curtains, blankets, phone covers, bed sheets, mugs, boat wraps and much more.

In The Moment

Photographer Scott Baker picked up the camera late in life — with the main purpose of sharing his images with family and friends, but soon it was all he could think about. Photography has become his passion, and shooting nature and all things nautical his calling.


Best Friends

The joy of rescuing offers not only second chances but the ability to save lives and build bonds, transforming both human and canine destinies forever. Each rescue story echoes compassion and hope through wagging tails, grateful hearts and pure love.

The Go Getters 2024

Located in one of the most diverse and dynamic business centers in the world, Miami Herbert Business School offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage and grow. The graduates are thought-leaders who transform business, scholarship and lives. To celebrate them, We partnered with the school to present our annual “Go-Getters” feature, honoring current students and recent grads, their successes, hopes and dreams.