Shot Caller

Kori Baxter has diverse experience putting her Dietetics & Nutrition degree to work slinging low-calorie shooters at Spazio Nightclub. Now armed with Massage Therapy credentials, she can cure anything that ails you.
Text by Rony Mo Photos by Korey Davis | May 29, 2018 | People

The deep EDM beats and soaring vocals pumping from the speakers of Brickell’s only nightclub propels soldiers to the front lines of a dance war. It’s a battlefield cut and slashed by the pulse of strobes and LEDs unrivaled by any South Beach megaclub — just in closer quarters. Kori Baxter prefers the speed and intensity to slow-crafting cocktails like she did in her past life at Hemisphere Lounge in the Loews’ lobby and the Terrace Bar atop Hotel Victor. While Miss Luna and George Acosta mixes thump through the sound-system, clients can only commit to a quick pause to rattle off an order, before returning to the pull of the music. “It’s a high-energy atmosphere and everyone’s in good spirits so I’m constantly offered drinks,” says Baxter as she performs a coup de grâce on a Don Julio Reposado shot and waves a thanks at someone who’s already disappeared into the fray. “The IROK shot is about texture and I want you to feel it! The scent of citrus electrifies your senses, goes down like liquid ice and warms your body from within,” she yells over the crescendo of a progressive house anthem. Try one yourself Thurs.-Sat. from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.; 1421 S. Miami Ave.; 305.577.9809;

1 part Grand Marnier Liqueur
1 part Chilled Ketel One Vodka
1 part Chilled Ketel One Citroen