Sips & A Show

In 2013, Andy Davila left his stagnant marketing job to dive into the exciting world of Wynwood’s spirits scene. That didn’t mean he had to quit moonlighting in the film industry, and fortunately he’s been brilliant in both settings.
Text by Rony Mo Photos by Korey Davis | May 28, 2018 | People

Andy Davila started bar-backing at Gramp’s to supplement his seasonal job on the set of USA Network’s Graceland. Through sheer will and skill he started producing versions of the casual bar’s vintage cocktails, which earned him praise from peers and alcohol enthusiasts alike. The Pan-Am Clipper harkens to Miami’s glory days as a playground for the jetset and stars Hennessey Cognac, Ricard Pastis and Maraschino Cherry Syrup supported by bright citrus flavors. Another Andy original, Blurred Limes, is an adaptation of a key lime pie featuring Bailey’s Irish Cream, Tanqueray Rangpur, fresh pineapple and lime juice over crushed ice. When off-duty, the production assistant turned classic cocktailer sips on rye whiskey or a draught from one of the taps reserved for local brews. As an event space, Gramp’s has played host to the Miami Beer Tour, Sud Swap and Secret Celluloid Society’s monthly Fright Night. Davila’s preferred drink to make during the horror movie festival is one he fashions in memory of mixology mentor, Louis Salgar, who invented it and bears the name of Roman Polanski’s thriller: Rosemary’s Baby.

Rosemary’s Baby
1.5 oz. Tanqueray London Dry Gin
3 lemon wedges
.5 oz Earl Grey
.5 oz Rosemary-Steeped Syrup
Torch-Fired Rosemary Sprig