We joined forces with Switchboard Of Miami’s Women’s Leadership Council to bring you some of South Florida’s most eligible bachelors. From CEOs and entrepreneurs to lawyers, bankers, realtors, national heroes and every profession in between, the one thing all these guys have in common is that they’re single and ready to mingle.
Interviews by Amy Crismond Photos by Polyana Honorato; Want to meet these guys in person? Visit to buy your tickets to bid on your favorite bachelor Feb. 20 @ Conrad Miami. Who knows? You might just find true love. | May 29, 2018 | People

1. FRANCO FIORIO Age: 30 Stats: 6’0/175 lbs Profession: Commercial Real Estate Broker @ NAI Miami; Interests: Fishing, golfing, outdoors, travel, animals Bucket List: Skydiving from a private jet Ideal Woman: “Remarkable.” Perfect First Date: “Connecting, having a blast and laughing a lot.” Fun Fact: “I’m freakishly good at every sport, but I’m a huge nerd.”

2. ALBERT GHITIS Age: 29 Stats: 6’0/175 lbs Profession: Founder & CEO @ RedBike Indoor Cycling Studio; Interests: Spinning, movies, traveling, skiing, scuba diving, sailing Bucket List: One month in India Ideal Woman: “Fun.” Perfect First Date: “It’s all about chemistry.” Fun Fact: “I’m a Colombian Jew who looks neither Colombian nor Jewish!”

3. ALEJANDRO GUARDIOLA Age: 29 Stats: 6’0/180 lbs Profession: Entrepreneur & Portfolio Manager Interests: Trading, traveling, surfing, sports, exercise, house music Bucket List: Surf with the pros in Indonesia Ideal Woman: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Perfect First Date: “Spontaneous, casual, outdoors & semi-seductive with clock-stopping excitement.” Fun Fact: “My chess skills are ridiculous; I will checkmate if you like!”
4. ANDRE SIEGEL Age: 31 Stats: 6’6/250 lbs Profession: Senior Marketing Manager @ Sabadell United Bank; Interests: Swimming, running, painting, cooking Bucket List: Travel the world Ideal Woman: “Mischievous.” Perfect First Date: “Finding a connection with the feeling that time has suddenly stopped.” Fun Fact: “My favorite holiday is Christmas; I feel like Will Ferrell in Elf around this time of year!”

5. ANDREW BENNETT Age: 32 Stats: 6’/175 lbs Profession: CEO & Founder @ BarEye (N-Plex), Interests: Free-diving, spearfishing, working out, boating, golfing, traveling Bucket List: Live between NYC, Miami, The Caribbean & The South Pacific. Ideal Woman: “Spontaneous.” Perfect First Date: “Take the boat to a nice restaurant on the Miami River.” Fun Fact: “When I was 12, I rescued my friend from a shark attack!”

6. ANDREW HINKES Age: 36 Stats: 6’0/180 lbs Profession: Attorney @ Berger Singerman, LLP; Interests: Music, traveling, sports, reading Bucket List: Throw first pitch at Wrigley Ideal Woman: “Peer-Partner-Love.” Perfect First Date: “Laughter, chemistry, excitement & wanting to see her again.” Fun Fact: “I was yelled at by world-famous Sushi Chef Jiro at his restaurant in Tokyo for eating sushi the wrong way!”

7. BOYAN VALCHANOV Age: 30 Stats: 6’4/190 lbs Profession: Owner @ South Florida Elevator Inspections; Interests: Dancing, playing the guitar, working out, going to the beach Bucket List: Learn to kitesurf and ski Ideal Woman: “Sassy.” Perfect First Date: “Great conversation and lots of smiles.” Fun Fact: “I’m European!”

8. BRAD SONNETT Age: 44 Stats: 5’11/189 lbs Profession: Marketing Executive @ Living Social; Interests: Spinning, cycling, weight training, roller blading, mud runs, paddle boarding Bucket List: Flying a plane Ideal Woman: “Witty.” Perfect First Date: “Great conversation, lots of excitement, dinner and drinks.” Fun Fact: “Inspired after overcoming teenage obesity, I’ve been teaching spin for almost 19 years!”

9. BRANDON ROSE Age: 27 Stats: 6’3/200 lbs Profession: Attorney @ Bilzin Sumberg; Interests: Sports, exercise, movies, traveling, books Bucket List: To master salsa dancing Ideal Woman: “Witty.” Perfect First Date: “Good food and even better conversation.” Fun Fact: “I played college basketball!”

10. BRIAN BRESLIN Age: 32 Stats: 5’7/160 lbs Profession: Director @ Refresh Miami; Interests: Running, cooking, cycling, traveling Bucket List: Visit all major continents Ideal Woman: “Driven.” Perfect First Date: “A bottle of wine, comfortable seating & a quiet atmosphere.” Fun Fact: “I’ve been to 33 countries!”

11. BRUCE THIGPEN Age: 32 Stats: 6’1/215 lbs Profession: Personal Trainer & Realtor Interests: Gym, beach, traveling, movies, reading Bucket List: Hang gliding Ideal Woman: “Good personality.” Perfect First Date: “All smiles, comfortable, positive & enjoyable.” Fun Fact: “There are too many!”

12. CEDRIC ALEXANDER Age: 47 Stats: 6’1/ 240 lbs Profession: VP, Financial Advisor @ Morgan Stanley; Interests: Racing cars, scuba diving, working out, shooting Bucket List: Drive a Formula One car Ideal Woman: “Athletic.” Perfect First Date: “Chemistry, plenty of eye contact, great conversation & laughter.” Fun Fact: “I bake an awesome rum cake!”

13. DAVID CARSON Age: 23 Stats: 6’4/200 lbs Profession: Residential Broker @ Douglas Elliman; Interests: Reading, writing, traveling, boxing, golfing Bucket List: Leave the world with one transcendent piece of literature Ideal Woman: “Fascinating.” Perfect First Date: “Quick chemistry and a high-speed chase followed by skinny dipping.” Fun Fact: “I worked as a ranch hand in Colorado.”

14. DIEGO ORLANDINI Age: 29 Stats: 6’2/180 lbs Profession: Co-Owner @ Blinds Shades And Shutters; Interests: Entrepreneurship, creative writing, meditation, photography, kitesurfing Bucket List: To write a book Ideal Woman: “Intuitive.” Perfect First Date: “A conversation leading to mutual insight while climbing a tree.” Fun Fact: “I once convinced a Cambodian Monk to abandon the robes & pursue his true calling!”

15. ERIC BLUESTEIN Age: 32 Stats: 5’11/155 lbs Profession: Attorney @ Law Offices of Eric Bluestein, P.A.; Interests: Movies, reading, bike riding, live music, fishing Bucket List: Traveling the world Ideal Woman: “Intelligent.” Perfect First Date: “Lots of laughter, music, a drink or two & good food.” Fun Fact: “I was bar mitzvahed in Israel!”

16. EVAN BERGER Age: 31 Stats: 5’11/175 lbs Profession: Attorney @ Becker & Polinkoff, P.A.; Interests: Travel, golf, poker, photography Bucket List: Traveling the world Ideal Woman: “Spirited.” Perfect First Date: “Good chemistry and conversation that isn’t forced.” Fun Fact: “I can cook minute-rice In 58 seconds!”

17. FRANK BENINATO Age: 28 Stats: 6’3/180 lbs Profession: Attorney Interests: Skeet shooting, photography, history, piano, guitar Bucket List: Fly with the Navy Blue Seals Ideal Woman: “Intriguing.” Perfect First Date: “A new activity for the both of us.” Fun Fact: “I’ve been hypnotized In front of hundreds of people In Vegas!”

18. DR. GAGA OPHORI Age: 31 Stats: 6’3/225 lbs Profession: Doctor @ Jackson Memorial Hospital/University Of Miami Hospital Interests: Working out, basketball, movies, traveling Bucket List: Pyramids of Egypt Ideal Woman: “Beyoncé.” Perfect First Date: Dinner, drinks, good conversation and punctuality.” Fun Fact: “I left medical school to go to Europe to play professional basketball, then came back to finish!”

19. GERALD CHRISTIANSEN Age: 36 Stats: 6’0/190 lbs Profession: Sr. Broker Associate @ CBC Alliance; Interests: Family time, jogging, ocean activities, walking dog, traveling, wining & dining Bucket List: Travel the world Ideal Woman: “Passionate.” Perfect First Date: “A beach picnic at sunset with wine, tapas & relaxing background music.” Fun Fact: “I taught my sister how to swim and compete in The Special Olympics!”

20. JACOB KODNER Age: 24 Stats: 6’2, 175 lbs Profession: Antique, Jewelry & Fine Art Broker @ Heritage Estate Buyers; Interests: Music, motorcycle, golfing, fishing & boating Bucket List: Sailing around French Polynesia Ideal Woman: “Elegant.” Perfect First Date: “Dinner followed by a walk to see local areas from a tourist’s perspective.” Fun Fact: “I used to race professional motocross.”

21. JARED KLEIN Age: 25 Stats: 5’10/160 lbs Profession: Sports Marketing Manager @ Perry Ellis International; Interests: Golf, tennis, beach, boating, basketball Bucket List: Skydiving in Australia Ideal Woman: “Intelligent.” Perfect First Date: “Nice wine and dinner.” Fun Fact: “My grandparents met at UM, my parents met at UM, and my brother and I both went to UM. My mom is a Florida Gator!”

22. JASON LORD Age: 28 Stats: 6’1/180 lbs Profession: Owner & Insurance Agent @ Lord Insurance Group; Interests: Fishing, surfing, soccer Bucket List: Travel more Ideal Woman: “Sophisticated.” Perfect First Date: “Interesting conversation, good food & great wine.” Fun Fact: “I have Jamaican heritage!”

23. JASON MARTIN Age: 32 Stats: 6’4/220 lbs Profession: Project Manager @ Miller Construction Company; Interests: Weight lifting, biking, reading, surfing Bucket List: Machu Picchu Ideal Woman: “Charismatic.” Perfect First Date: “A small wine bar on the beach.” Fun Fact: “In the past 3 years, I’ve lived in 4 states, traveling with only personal items!”

24. JOHN LEINICKE, ESQ. Age: 32 Stats: 6’4/200 lbs Profession: Lawyer @ Roig Lawyers; Interests: Book collecting, champagne, whiskey, mixology, football, boating Bucket List: Oktoberfest in Munich Ideal Woman: “Creative.” Perfect First Date: “We both learn each other’s unique and fun qualities.” Fun Fact: “I’m an expert in palmistry!”

25. JONATHAN BRAGMAN Age: 61 Stats: 6’0/185 lbs Profession: Jewelry Estate Buyer @ Jon Bragman, Inc.; Interests: Tennis, sailing, kayaking, cooking, windsurfing Bucket List: Grand Canyon Ideal Woman: “Nice.” Perfect First Date: “One that you don’t want to end.” Fun Fact: “I was hit by lightning, but I’m still here!”

26. JORDAN HARRIS Age: 28 Stats: 6’4/200 lbs Profession: Commercial Loan Broker @ Cityscape Financials; Interests: Cooking, traveling, working out, boating Bucket List: Change the world Ideal Woman: “Fun.” Perfect First Date: “Dinner, drinks & live music.” Fun Fact: “I started cooking when I was 7!”

27. JORGE SALAZAR Age: 27 Stats: 6’1/185 lbs Profession: Realtor @ Cervera Real Estate; Interests: Tennis, spearfishing, travel, music, boxing Bucket List: Be someone’s mentor Ideal Woman: “Loyal.” Perfect First Date: “Great conversation while enjoying good food & wine.” Fun Fact: “I enjoy cutting hair!”

28. KEVIN DENNIS Age: 41 Stats: 5’9/180 lbs Profession: Attorney @ Law Offices Of Kevin D. Dennis, LLC Interests: Boating, fishing, diving, basketball Bucket List: Walk The Great Wall Of China Ideal Woman: “Fun.” Perfect First Date: “An evening cruise through the bay on the way to a waterfront dinner.” Fun Fact: “I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries!”

29. KEVIN ST. CIN Age: 33 Stats: 6’3/190 lbs Profession: Aircraft Commander & Lieutenant @ U.S. Coast Guard; Interests: Live music, reading, boating Bucket List: Travel by horseback Ideal Woman: “Engaging.” Perfect First Date: “Tandem paddleboarding.” Fun Fact: “I’ve hitchhiked on 3 continents!”

30. KYLE OBRADOVICH Age: 31 Stats: 6’3/195 lbs Profession: Vascular Surgical Sales @ CR Bard; Interests: Sales, working out, Heat games, Pittsburgh Steelers, Netflix Bucket List: Travel to Europe Ideal Woman: “Caring.” Perfect First Date: “Enjoying a great conversation over dinner and finishing with a sweet kiss.” Fun Fact: “I once carried the Olympic Torch!”

31. LES BRADLEY Age: 26 Stats: 6’3/210 lbs Profession: Realtor @ Douglas Elliman; Interests: Wakeboarding, tennis, golf, cycling Bucket List: Running Of The Bulls in Spain Ideal Woman: “Resilient.” Perfect First Date: “Chill ambiance, good drinks & conversation with funny stories.” Fun Fact: “I’m a former athlete for the Miami Hurricanes. Go ‘Canes!”

32. MARC SCHAEVITZ Age: 25 Stats: 6’2/188 lbs Profession: Associate @ Goldman Sachs; Interests: CrossFit, traveling, wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing Bucket List: Launch a charitable organization Ideal Woman: “Genuine.” Perfect First Date: “Under the sun with lots of laughter & chemistry.” Fun Fact: “I’ve been to 8 countries in 4 months!”

33. MIKE LANGLEY Age: 31 Stats: 6’1/185 lbs Profession: MBA Recruiting Manager @ FIU; Interests: Happy hour, traveling, sporting events, comedy shows, spearfishing Bucket List: Go to Summer Olympics Ideal Woman: “Enchanting.” Perfect First Date: “Fun and full of smiles and laughter.” Fun Fact: “I was once featured in Ebony for my dating habits!”

34. NIZAR LAVJI Age: 52 Stats: 5’8/170 lbs Profession: VP Portals & Collaborations @ AAJ Technologies; Interests: Reading, golf, cycling, dancing, yoga Bucket List: Visit Patagonia Ideal Woman: “Classy.” Perfect First Date: “A sunset cruise on a gondola.” Fun Fact: “I can speak Swahili!”

35. OSCAR GUERRERO Age: 25 Stats: 6’0/200 lbs Profession: Entrepreneur Interests: Concerts, music festivals, mixology, fantasy football, antique cars Bucket List: Get invited backstage at a concert Ideal Woman: “Witty.” Perfect First Date: “I’ll start having fun when she starts having fun.” Fun Fact: “My blood type is O-, which means only 7% of the population is a match for me. Since 2006, I’ve donated 14.754 qts. of blood!”

36. PATRICK QUADE Age: 29 Stats: 6’8/230 lbs Profession: Medical Student @ FIU; Interests: Exercising, fitness, sightseeing, people-watching, beach cycling Bucket List: To run a cattle ranch, a restaurant and a medical practice — all from the same building Ideal Woman: “Witty.” Perfect First Date: “A bistro bite to eat, and drinks on the water.” Fun Fact: “I’m a tall gent who competitively rowed crew at UF and was in the U.S. Air Force!”

37. PETER MICHAEL Age: 31 Stats: 5’11/190 lbs Profession: Physician @ Jackson Memorial Hospital; Interests: Fitness, dancing, networking, anything on the water Bucket List: Jetpack flying Ideal Woman: “Sexy professional.” Perfect First Date: “A sushi cooking class followed by dinner and dancing.” Fun Fact: “I’m Egyptian, but I can sing Spanish/Raggaeton karaoke!”

38. RAFI LEIBOWITZ Age: 24 Stats: 6’0/175 lbs Profession: Marketing Director @ The Groove Cruise; Interests: Health, fitness, music, sports, travel, socializing Bucket List: Travel to all corners of the globe Ideal Woman: “Elegant.” Perfect First Date: “A few cocktails and conversation in a place with really good ambiance.” Fun Fact: “I was born in England and moved to the U.S. when I was 16!”

39. REED NICOL Age: 26 Stats: 6’2/180 lbs Profession: Director of Development @ V2R Group; Interests: Cooking, playing guitar, painting, basketball, golf Bucket List: Backpacking through Thailand Ideal Woman: “Firecracker.” Perfect First Date: “Mutually embarrassing and awkward with non-stop laughing.” Fun Fact: “I once went skydiving before the heralded Miami vs. FSU football game to get mentally prepared for the matchup!”

40. RICHARD GREENFIELD Age: 34 Stats: 5’10/170 lbs Profession: Director Of Sales & Licensed Real Estate Broker @ RE/MAX Town Centre; Interests: The Heat, fishing, golf, anything in the ocean Bucket List: Seeing The Rolling Stones live in concert Ideal Woman: “Confident.” Perfect First Date: “Fine dinner, amazing scenery and maybe a boat ride.” Fun Fact: “I’m mildly hilarious!”

41. RUSH BOWLES Age: 39 Stats: 6’0/200 lbs Profession: Artist & Real Estate Sales Associate; Interests: Adventure, learning, the arts, the outdoors and great food. Bucket List: Dinner at The White House Ideal Woman: “Genuine.” Perfect First Date: “Adventurous, but easy-going and filled with fun & laughter.” Fun Fact: “I have an endless, spontaneous sense of humor!”

42. SANTIAGO VITAGLIANO Age: 42 Stats: 5’10/210 lbs Profession: Managing Principal @ The SAVI Group; Interests: Traveling, photography, sailing, flying Bucket List: Funding a multi-million dollar startup Ideal Woman: “Passionate.” Perfect First Date: “Romantic, quiet, gourmet dinner with a walk under the stars.” Fun Fact: “I never say no to a good opportunity to have fun!”

43. VINCE LOUGHLIN Age: 35 Stats: 6’1/185 lbs Profession: Regional Account Manager @ BTG International; Interests: Skiing, dancing, traveling, running, working out, golf Bucket List: Yacht Week in Croatia Ideal Woman: “Fun.” Perfect First Date: “Comfortable with great conversation at a cool new venue or event.” Fun Fact: “Early in my career, I sold Dr. Oz one of my products when we were both still working in NYC!”

44. VONNELL MARTINEZ Age: 37 Stats: 5’11/175 lbs Profession: Wealth Manager @ DBS Financial Group Interests: Speaking different languages, reading, traveling, jazz, judo Bucket List: Spend an entire winter in Russia Ideal Woman: “Herself.” Perfect First Date: “Spontaneous, natural and simple, where the conversation is the centerpiece.” Fun Fact: “My most used word is tropical.”

45. ZACHARY MANDLER Age: 28 Stats: 6’2/200 lbs Profession: GM @ Equinox; Interests: Fitness, sports, going to the beach, boating, spearfishing Bucket List: Seeing all 7 Wonders Of The World Ideal Woman: “Intellectual.” Perfect First Date: “A Heat game and dinner.” Fun Fact: “My brothers and I love poodles!”