Spray & Pray

A personal tragedy in 2010 brought Marian Alonso out of her creative shell, and as a result she left her career and started an art empire she markets in an uncommon way through graffiti murals.
Text by Rony Mo | May 28, 2018 | People

Marian Alonso’s experience as a makeup artist on horror movie sets and her interest in animation is evident in her work. Under the pseudonym, Lulu 107, her spraypaint portraits meld the dimpled charisma of Winnie The Pooh with the dark humor of Frank The Bunny. In 2014, she earned her place in the Old RC Cola Factory turned graffiti gallery in Wynwood. Riding on the strength of her success as a muralist, she was then invited to participate in the Wall 2 Wall Women Series hosted during Bird Road Art Walk. Alonso believes that through hard work, faith and a lot of spraypaint she’ll accomplish her goal to publish a children’s book. Get to know her on Instagram @LuluKathulu.