Fitness First

Andy Luaces of Core Fitness Miami shares his 10 years of experience training all kinds of people — from busy executives to pro athletes — to help us get the most out of our health and fitness efforts and habits.
Tips by Andy Luaces | May 29, 2018 | People

1. START CHEWING: Eat your fruit instead of juicing. It’ll fill you up faster without all the sugar. It takes about 4 oranges to produce just one glass of OJ.

2. MIX IT UP: Make sure to always add a protein when you’re eating fruits. This keeps your blood sugar from spiking. Try berries with plain Greek yogurt.

3. EAT FAT TO LOSE IT: Throwing some essential fats into your diet will make your body burn fat much faster. Try avocados and almonds.

4. HYDRATE: Have a cold glass of water as soon as you wake up to get your metabolism going. Drinking more water increases energy levels and eliminates water retention caused by salty foods.

5. GO WITH A PRO: Find an Exercise Physiologist to create a custom fitness program and keep you on track.

6. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Get the most out of your workouts by targeting large muscle groups like legs, chest and back. Use complex movements like squats and pull-ups to recruit more muscle in each rep.

7. SLEEP: You’ll have more energy for your workouts but most importantly, sleeping well regulates your hormone levels and boost metabolism.

8. PENCIL IT IN: Prioritize your fitness and schedule it in just as you would a meeting or any other important appointment.

9. FORGET THE ALL OR NOTHING MENTALITY: Even if you have only 10 minutes today for your workout, don’t skip it. Make every minute count, it’ll be enough to make a difference and keep you on track.

› Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Andy Luaces is the owner of the private state-of-the-art training facility Core Fitness Miami in Edgewater. He trains each client individually to maximize their results;