Transforming lives for the better, Erika Contreras leads Soccer For Peace to train, elevate and empower youth in Colombia.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | May 26, 2018 | People

A seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist, Erika Contreras found her calling on the field with Soccer For Peace, a Colombian youth organization whose mission is to transform lives through soccer, values and life-skills training. As the Executive Director, her role is to inspire, motivate and create awareness of the impact her organization has made in the lives of thousands of vulnerable boys and girls. She focuses her energy on raising funds to ensure that the Colombia-based programs are both sustainable and effective. “We work as a complete empowerment team,” she says. “I firmly believe in teamwork, surround myself with passionate people and look for synergies that can make a remarkable difference.” Supporters, or “Strikers For Peace”, are agents of change and hope who provide an opportunity for a child to escape these vulnerable situations and become positive citizens. “That’s why the campaign is so important,” she says. “From child to child, we’re transforming households; from household to household, we’re transform communities; and from community to community, we can transform the country.”;