Presidential Pours

W. Nathan Rogers has an authoritative name that doesn’t quite match his approachable demeanor. He directs bar operations by the light of an exquisite chandelier, under which he blends a Library Of Congress-sized compilation of premium spirits.
Text by Rony Mo Photos by Korey Davis | May 27, 2018 | People

When W. Nathan Rogers rose to office on a platform of military action against melancholia, he was aided by prominent members of his cabinet including 4 variations of the Negroni. It’s no secret his constituents come for the elegantly styled cocktails and commendable service they receive, but stay an extra term for his advice on plates and pairings. For starters, he may recommend the palate-prickling Dragoncella; a union of Cîroc Vodka, Velvet Falernum Bajan Liqueur, tarragon-infused syrup, grapefruit & lemon juice with an oyster flight incorporating Honeysuckles and Sweetnecks. Toward the end, he may vote to deploy a digestif with your
warm Cioccolato Fondente; a Tuscan translation of s’mores involving a chocolate torte capped with toasted marshmallow escorted by French-vanilla gelato peppered with spiced-cookie crumbles. The bittersweet Amaro Nonino protects your palate from a full-on sugar rush and gives you back your constitutional right to finish dessert. The former USAF Airman is also the majority leader of Tamarina’s democratically held Sip Senate, which showcases a worldly assembly of 350 important wines. Oh, and Rogers will also introduce you to his First Family, the entire line of Glenlivet Single-Malts he proudly features in Tamarina’s recently launched Scotch flights; 600 Brickell Ave.; 305.579.1888;

Pezzo da Novanta
1.5 oz. Bulleit Straight
Rye Whiskey
1 oz. Bénédictine
Herbal Liqueur
1 oz. Cocchi Vermouth
Di Torino
Splash of Peychaud’s Bitters stirred with Kold-Draft square-sided ice
Serve in a chilled coupe
rinsed with Varnelli Anice Secco
Garnish w/ Orange Zest