Issue – March 2013

Plates & Pours

We scoured the neighborhood to bring you some of the most delicious, delectable and downright buzz-worthy dishes, desserts and drinks in The Magic City.

Serene Living

If a home in paradise is on your horizon, this Key Biscayne residence on Allendale Road may be just the address you’ve been looking for.

Memorable Nights

Whether you find yourself lounging, dining or dancing the night away, one thing’s certain: These looks will get you the attention you deserve no matter where you find yourself having a good time.

Palate Pleasers

For the chefs you’re about to meet, passion, creativity, vision and style combined with an ingrained love of — and respect for — good food whether it’s modern or traditional fare.


With the influx of celebrity chefs coming to South Florida and the opening of many top-notch restaurants, the “foodie” culture is making its way into The Sunshine State. Herewith: A few rules to keep in mind.

Yummy Spaces

Perhaps no other areas of a home are more important than where food is center stage. If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen or dining room this season, these must-haves should be on the menu.

App Chug

Looking to navigate the expansive options you have for drinking at home or at your nearest dive? You might want to consider a little help from some nifty apps guaranteed to help you get your buzz on morning, noon and night.

Getting Cheesy

With his Ms. Cheezious food truck, Brian Mullins satisfies the city’s mobile comfort food cravings — one bite at a time.

Green Rewards

When it comes to making a positive impact on the environment, we’ve all got more power than we realize in our wallets.

Road Drools

The craze for food trucks is only getting hotter. And why wouldn’t it? After all, some of the best eats in the city are traveling on 4 wheels. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the brave new world of mobile food like a pro.

Growing Change

The Farm @ Verde Gardens doesn’t just grow delicious sustainable produce. It also provides a new start for the former homeless.

Taste Maker

First impressions aren’t just for people. They’re also key when it comes to dinner. Food Stylist Rebecca Martin makes sure local businesses put their best tastes forward.

Party Maker

Who says you can’t take it with you? With the Libratone Zipp, you can bring stunning sound wherever life leads you.

Processed Food Truths

The list of terrible things we mindlessly ingest in the name of nourishment is long, but just what are these dietary culprits comprised of? And, more important, what they’re doing to us.

Exotic Flavor

At Mango’s Tropical Café, Antonio Laracuente helps millions each year have the time of their lives.

Toxic Mouthful

These foods aren’t doing any favors to the environment, and might not be doing much for your health, either. Find out why.

Sea Life

Looking to get away from it all? When it comes to escaping by sea, we’ve got the perfect modes of travel for your adventure...sans the headaches of vessel ownership.

Architecturally Inspired

Art Deco: It’s not just the style that birthed many of The Magic City’s signature landmarks — it’s also the movement that inspired the look behind these stunning timepieces.

Sweet Treats

Sweet tooth aching? Satisfy the craving at one of these top Miami cake-makers sure to put some delicious frosting and a cherry on top of your day.

Timeless Luxury

Modern luxury meets historic splendor at Dorado Beach, Ritz-Carlton’s new Reserve in Puerto Rico.

Home Smart

Getting organized is a great way to de-stress and de-clutter your life, and it doesn’t have to mean a huge time commitment — at least not if you do it right.

Glam Raiser

Want to up the ante on a favorite handbag? Or maybe you’re getting tired of those old heels and want to give them a new lease on life.

Bike Site

Before you hit the road, pay a visit to EBP Cycling Lab and get your equipment into top condition.

Savvy Traveling

Does your work have you feeling like a perpetual road warrior? Travel smart with the SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club.

Ultimate Pie

It’s by far America’s most loved food, and for good reason. Pizza is fantastic — at least it is when you order from that fabulous neighborhood pizzeria.

Time Savers

We’d all love to be making home-cooked meals every day, but who has the time? With these gadgets, you might just find it’s faster and easier than you think.

Feeding Frenzy

Luckily, we need to eat (and drink) to survive. That means that many of our social activities are based around cooking, restaurants and a constant need to nibble on this or that. In this issue, we’ve really taken our culinary theme to a mouthwatering new level.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Grub On

When it comes to finding the right place to eat, sometimes word-of-mouth just doesn’t cut it. These online culinary sites are sure to help you find what you’re looking for as soon as hunger strikes.

Serious Sips

If you haven’t stopped into Graziano’s lately, you may want to make the trip just so you can meet Ciro Diaz, a savvy, energetic bartender who knows exactly what you need to have a good time and a memorable experience no matter what time you drop by.


The Sunshine State offers much more than just sun and fun…there are plenty of hidden culinary treasures to discover along the highways and byways of this great state. Herewith: A taste of what to expect when you hit the road

Luxury Experiences

In celebration of the grand opening of a Worth Avenue location and in honor of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear welcomed Cartier’s Jeweled Collection.

Helping Out

Deli Lane on Brickell hosted an event to celebrate the launch of a new group: YIYPS — Yes Institute’s Young Professional Society, a networking organization hoping to inspire philanthropic enthusiasm among young professionals.

Biz Vistas

A real estate extravaganza was recently held at one of Vizcayne’s breathtaking penthouses complete with sweeping 360-degree views of Downtown Miami & Miami Beach.

Cuban Flavor

Azucar Cuban Cuisine recently opened it doors with an unforgettable celebration that was complete with guayabera-clad waitstaff & bartenders as well as plenty of cool mojitos and exotic bites to go around.

Successful Expansion

Banesco USA, a local fast-growing commercial bank expanded its presence in South Florida with the opening of its new Corporate Headquaters in Coral Gables.

Next Generation

Alexandre Piquet and Marcos Brazil of Marcos Brazil Catering, hosted a Valentine’s Day Annual Charity BBQ Party for 100+ foster kids at the Kids in Distress headquarters. (

Warm Welcome

The Oasis Park Square At Doral launch was a hit as guests welcomed the newest luxury residential community to town.

Residential Rising

The Related Group celebrated the official top-off of MyBrickell, the first condo in the Brickell/Downtown area to rise since the boom designed by Arquitectonica with interiors by Karim Rashid,

Face First

A world of style came together at Conrad Miami Hotel for the 3rd Annual Art Unveiling Event entitled Three Faces of Miami. Featured artists included Sheila Elias, Robert M. Swedroe & Mike Rivamonte.


Best Friends

The joy of rescuing offers not only second chances but the ability to save lives and build bonds, transforming both human and canine destinies forever. Each rescue story echoes compassion and hope through wagging tails, grateful hearts and pure love.

The Go Getters 2024

Located in one of the most diverse and dynamic business centers in the world, Miami Herbert Business School offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage and grow. The graduates are thought-leaders who transform business, scholarship and lives. To celebrate them, We partnered with the school to present our annual “Go-Getters” feature, honoring current students and recent grads, their successes, hopes and dreams.