Road Drools

The craze for food trucks is only getting hotter. And why wouldn’t it? After all, some of the best eats in the city are traveling on 4 wheels. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the brave new world of mobile food like a pro.

Choose Wisely
The first and most important question, of course, is which food truck to choose. That’s because appearances can be deceiving — on the outside. But peeking through the window to the kitchen can give you a good read on cleanliness and organization. Food truck followers are also quite a vocal bunch. Make sure to check out online reviews to see who’s loving what, and who ended up eating bad mayonnaise…or worse.

Plan Ahead
Getting a meal from a food truck isn’t like visiting your neighborhood restaurant. For one thing, it might not even be where you expect it to be. Food trucks move, and can be subject to the vagaries of weather and break-downs. Check Facebook and Twitter pages to get the most up-to-date info on where they’re at. Many trucks also let you pre-order your food via e-mail, which makes your lunch break that much easier.

Patient Virtue
Food trucks have small staffs and limited resources — respect that. Arrive early to make sure they don’t run out of favorite items, and expect a wait. The gourmet offerings most of them craft take longer to prepare than a Big Mac. Save time by deciding what to order before you reach the window…often you can browse the menu ahead of time online. And finally, pay in cash. It benefits small businesses and makes things faster.

Tidy Up
Food truck staffs are often already on double or triple duty. Don’t add busboy to their list of jobs. At food trucks, tips aren’t required — though showing your appreciation for a stellar meal with a bit of extra cash is the right move. But you aren’t getting table service, so clean up after yourself. Make use of trash cans and recycling bins. If you don’t see where they’re located, ask. Nobody wants to pick up after you.