Exotic Flavor

At Mango’s Tropical Café, Antonio Laracuente helps millions each year have the time of their lives.

Step through the door at Mango’s, and it’s carnival. “As a visitor on South Beach, you can go to any hotspot to have a beer, cocktail or an amazing dinner…but Mango’s takes it beyond that,” says Antonio Laracuente, Sr. Operations Manager. “Our non-stop, extravagantly produced performances, our mouthwatering cocktails and our delicious food menu combine to create the setting for a spectacular night on Ocean Drive for both tourists and locals.” That commitment to mind-blowing entertainment and fabulous dining is why Mango’s has survived and thrived for over 20 years, and will surely continue to do so for decades to come; 900 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 305.673.4422,