Feeding Frenzy

Luckily, we need to eat (and drink) to survive. That means that many of our social activities are based around cooking, restaurants and a constant need to nibble on this or that. In this issue, we’ve really taken our culinary theme to a mouthwatering new level.
Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photo by Mario Pascual | June 18, 2018 | Lifestyle

We spotlight professionals, plates, pours and places where you can go enjoy a good meal or two — and plenty of sips in between. But in getting this issue together, one thing became clear: The culinary scene is booming all around us and not enough of us are taking advantage of it. Whether you’re a billionaire or on a budget, there’s really something for everyone at every pricepoint out there. Endless happy hour specials, diverse menus and friendly staffs are waiting for you to drop in for a good time. And there’s plenty you can do to make sure each experience is a memorable one. Get a group of friends together and do an “App Hop” or go to a new restaurant and ask for a chef’s tasting or small-plate menu sampler so you don’t have to commit to one dish. Have a bartender mix up a drink they came up with but that might not be on the menu. Many places will be willing to accommodate your requests because a happy customer is one who comes back again and again. So go ahead: Live, eat, sip and enjoy. That’s the mantra I’m committing to this year. I hope you follow my lead. See you around town. Jorge Arauz, Editor-in-Chief.

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