Issue – January 2017

Graphic Punch

Bold in color and illustrative in graphic and texture, make sure to welcome 2017 wearing these vivid looks that will add a dose of optimism to your mood and wardrobe.


One writer’s perspective shows how recent decades shaped what Miami was to become with a first-hand account of life in the city that rewinds to “back then” and fast-forwards to the future.


In one of the country’s most expensive municipalities, to say real estate is at a premium is an understatement. Interested in knowing more about the brokers that make living in Miami a reality, we’ve gathered some of Miami’s most successful realtors and found out just what it is that makes these titans tick.

New Horizons

After a grueling 2016, Miamians are probably wondering what this next year holds for our emerging city. The answer may surprise you.

Capturing Miami

Our city is constantly changing, especially in the last decade. Kiko Ricote has lovingly photographed it from every angle possible — terra firma, on the water and from the sky. The result is Miami: Visually Speaking.

Skill Shared

If you can’t book a D’Oleo Analytica training and development session, paging through Venture Dynamics: Concepts, Theory & Practice by Jonathan D’Oleo is the next best thing.

Beautiful Bacalar

Situated between dense jungle and The Caribbean, and accentuated by a freshwater lagoon of 7 hues of blue, there’s no denying that Bacalar, Mexico, wears its title of pueblo mágico well.

Dreaming In Italian

Yes, there’s always that association to La Cosa Nostra when the topic of Sicily comes up. But there is so much more to this island, particularly the city of Palermo and the incredible gastronomy just waiting to be discovered.

Tony Fixed It!

In the 1960s, The Beach Boys ruled the radio and small sportscars ruled the boulevard. Those who wanted something more exotic than the frumpy MGB snatched up the sexy Fiat 124. The Spider is back and sexier than ever.

Eat Feasts

There are few things in life that most of us love more than a good meal. Here is 24 hours worth of meals to be had at a few local hole-in-the-wall establishments you may not have heard of.

Website 101

You’ve got a modest business and you’re ready for the next step, or your business is booming yet lacking a social media presence, check out these easy options to build your website and online persona in a jiffy.

Carbon Vows

Say “carbon fiber” and you’ve got the average guy’s complete attention. Traditionally, the term is in reference to high-tech car bits.

Timeless Style

To commemorate 80 years of uncompromising quality and style, Bruno Magli offers a very limited line of Ottanta Signature Edition watches.

Sign Of The Times

A fantastic marriage of artistic intuition and enterprising innovation, the Wynwood Sign Painting Company is looking to put their mark on everything from brewpubs to boardrooms.

Center Of It All

Nestled in the heart of one of the most iconic locations in Coral Gables, MG Developer’s Biltmore Parc will add a contemporary, Mediterranean-style residential development to one of Miami’s most serene environs.

House Party

Some of our favorite, haziest parties in The Magic City didn’t require glittering venues or lavish clubs, but a cooler full of beer, an outdoor speaker and some understanding neighbors. Below are some tips to make your house party a hit.

Cultured Conveniences

The Fairchild Coconut Grove offers a tantalizing list of amenities to complement its ideal and scenic waterfront location in the center of it all.

Shelf Confidence

Every year, hundreds of books on real estate, décor, interior design and home renovation flood local booksellers. We’ve mined this morass of manuals to give you this year’s choicest reads.

Great Grass

Imagine a lush, verdant lawn, untouched by the ravages of oppressive water costs and the tyrannical Miami sun. Luis Barrios and the good people of MBM Grass can make just such a dream a reality.

Constructing Dreams

Hurricane Andrew changed Miami forever, but one silver lining that resulted was the founding of the Miami affiliate of Christmas In April — now called Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade.

Property Makers

Development is a field that builds giants — giants of steel and giants of industry. Kevin Maloney, Founder of Property Markets Group [PMG], has spent the last 25 years ascending to such stature.


Looking to add some love to your home? Here are some cuddly canines that would love to be yours, today, tomorrow and forever.

Workplace Motion

Surfing at work no longer refers to just doing research (or playing while the boss isn’t looking) online. Fluidstance makes “surfing” the new buzzword for a healthy office.

Poltrona Wow

Since 2001, Poltrona Frau Group Miami has been bringing The Magic City some of the finest in luxury furniture and accessories. Check out some of the best brands their showroom offers its world-class clientele.

Zen Space

Don’t get overwhelmed by the non-stop pace of the New Year, here are options to incorporate into your daily routine to keep the peace — as in inner peace. From meditation, to relaxing with a scented candle, to drenching our bodies in a soothing balm, balance is about treating ourselves with tender loving care.

Money Mastermind

Sebastian Mallaby took more than 5 years to research the The Man Who Knew: The Life & Times Of Alan Greenspan.

Steady Evolution

Growing up in Miami, I’ve witnessed first-hand how quickly our city’s skyline and street view has evolved over the years.

Sign For All Times

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and legendary pen maker Montegrappa has been living up to that old adage for over a century.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Pushing The Envelope

Sugar at East’s Andrew Leu believes that by continually coming up with new ideas and ingredients for cocktails on or off the menu, it inspires everyone.

Vino Virtuosos

No simple wine waiter, the sommelier is a true master of all things crushed, corked and fermented. Below we examine just what it takes to join their lofty ranks.

Bonjour, Toronto!

With friendly locals, an international food scene, a bustling metropolis, towering skyscrapers and easy access to nature — what more could you want in a world-class city? Canada’s shining gem has all that and much more.

Sunny Outlook

With conflicting views in regards to our next president, and a cloud of uncertainty that dawdles above — as is customary for our nation, we shall rise up again to the challenge at hand: Uniting our country and moving forward.

Big Deals

When it comes to the legal fine print behind some of the most complex transactions in Miami’s ever-evolving skyline, Estrellita S. Sibila and Jacqueline M. Lage of real estate and corporate law firm Sibila + Lage welcome any and all challenges with open arms.

Grand Oasis

This stunning waterfront Key Biscayne home on Knollwood Drive has plenty of space for a growing family and several areas inside and out created with refined relaxation and entertaining in mind.

Stylish Preview

Property Markets Group hosted a private preview of award-winning swimwear designer Lenny Niemeyer’s latest collection at the Muse Sales Gallery in Sunny Isles Beach.

Unique Perspective

The Unicorn Gallery from Milan introduced A Look In The Life Of Children by Fabio Nova at Aqua Art Miami. The 150 gigantic images from his personal collection were taken during the photographer’s extensive travels.

VIP Preview

Aqua Art Miami, sister fair to Miami’s longest-running contemporary art fair, Art Miami, celebrated its 12th year with an invite-only VIP Preview at Aqua Hotel.

Auction Awe

Gary Nader Art Centre hosted a Latin American, Modern & Contemporary Art Auction to benefit the Nader Art Museum Latin America.

Opening Fest

Excited guests celebrated the official grand opening of SLS Brickell that included a special live performance by Boy George.


Close Up

Miami’s see and be seen social pages

Perfect Pairings

A few of Miami’s most successful Power Couples share love stories worthy of a Hollywood rom-com and secrets to a long-lasting relationship that stands the test of time.