Workplace Motion

Surfing at work no longer refers to just doing research (or playing while the boss isn’t looking) online. Fluidstance makes “surfing” the new buzzword for a healthy office.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 14, 2018 | Lifestyle

The average job gives our hands, fingers and mind a thorough workout, but doesn’t do much for the rest of us. This takes its toll on the body, even if we head to the nearby gym afterward (though let’s be honest here, who does that?!). The Fluidstance Level keeps the body moving along with the parts of us that interact directly with a computer screen. The idea behind it is simple: Humans were meant to move and most workspaces are not conducive to that evolutionary need. The Level causes a subtle, constant movement below the feet to increase the user’s range of motion and heart rate. The attractive, hand-crafted bamboo top design works with a standing desk (another pro-active, health-conscious office choice), in the conference room and around the house. As if that weren’t enough, it also reduces the normal pressure on the feet from standing on hard surfaces;