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Sign Of The Times

A fantastic marriage of artistic intuition and enterprising innovation, the Wynwood Sign Painting Company is looking to put their mark on everything from brewpubs to boardrooms.
Text by Ryan Jarrell Photos by Sandro Abate | May 14, 2018 | Culture & Art

From an unassuming inception chalking the menu board for Toasted Bagels in Brickell, husband & wife team Cynthia Santos and Benjamin Levy of the Wynwood Sign Painting Company have created an artistic entrepreneurial interest that has landed contracts from small craft eateries to globally respected corporations and charities. While you might recognize their work from such local staples as Pincho Factory, Spring Chicken, Grown, The Local and Wynwood Arcade, traipse into any Starbucks in the Southeast and you’re just as likely to see their trademark crisp lines and clean infographics. With services ranging from mural design and sign-painting to children’s room decoration (Heat Shooting Guard Ray Allen was just such a client), Miami should be proud to know that this homegrown biz is leaving a little of their trademark style all across the nation;