Sign For All Times

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and legendary pen maker Montegrappa has been living up to that old adage for over a century.

Founded in 1912 in Italy, the brand is still operating out of the same historic factory and continues to be a favorite of royalty, heads of state and celebrities the world over. The brand is recognized for their panache for limited editions and their creative commemorating of people, places and major events. From their Gold Ancient Mexican Civilizations Collection for $143,000 per pen to the soccer fan favorite Pele Heritage 18K Autographed Rollerball for $75,000, there’s literally a pen for every taste…but not every budget. One of their “crown jewels” is the $290,555 Dragon Bruce Lee 18K Gold & Diamonds Pen Set that includes an inkwell, rollerball and fountain pen. Sure, Montegrappa has amassed the most expensive pen collection in the world, but is there really a pricetag on the gasps you’ll get when you pull one out to sign a new contract? Well, it depends on how big the deal is!;