Great Grass

Imagine a lush, verdant lawn, untouched by the ravages of oppressive water costs and the tyrannical Miami sun. Luis Barrios and the good people of MBM Grass can make just such a dream a reality.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 14, 2018 | People

If you’ve purchased a high-end home in the last few years, you might have run into neighbors and realtors asking you a surprising question: Have you considered artificial grass? Long viewed as the sole province of sports stadiums and welcome mats, artificial grass is inching its way into the finer homes of Miami-Dade, and Luis Barrios and his company MBM Grass couldn’t be more excited. An entrepreneur who studied French and Finance at UM, Barrios is excited about the benefits his product offers homeowners. “I’d love to increase the greenspace in Miami,” he says, explaining that the reduced watering needs and little-to-no maintenance guarantees a lower environmental impact than regularly well-kept lawns;