Issue – September 2017

Most Stylish 2017

As Miami continues to become the epicenter of global projects and innovation, locals are leading the social scene with style and confidence.

Visionary Venture

The Pritzker Prize-winner designed Park Grove is set to deliver a new level of luxury to Coconut Grove this Fall/Winter season.

A step ahead, A bag to play!

For every shoe a woman wants, there’s a bag to match; Here’s an exclusive look at Jorge Bischoff’s Fall season’s best.

It Never Gets Old

A maximalist exploration of rich textiles, colors and exuberant patterns that reminds us of the influence the past has on our present.

Celebration of (R)evolution

As Miami continues to become the epicenter of global projects and innovation, locals are leading the social scene with style and confidence. Herewith: Brickell Magazine and Neiman Marcus Coral Gables present some of The Magic City’s Most Stylish & Savvy individuals who always dress to impress — no matter what the occasion.

Tux Factor

Single-handedly undercutting an industry increasingly out of touch with the modern man, serial menswear magnate Sebastian Garcia brings a characteristically cutting-edge approach to the art of formal wear.

Conversation Pieces

The key to choosing the right statement pieces for your home is to make sure they reflect who you are inside and out. This is what your guests will remember most about your décor, and how they will ultimately feel about the experience.

British Lightning

From world-championship racecars to James Bond’s car/submarine, Lotus has produced some of the most breathtaking cars the world has ever seen. The new Evora GT430 shows they still have the mojo to amaze us.

Glimmering Grace

A Miami-based designer of peerless pieces of handcrafted jewelry, Sazingg Founder Irene Zingg gives us a glimpse into the arduous creative process necessary when pursuing perfection.

Dish D’Oh

Miami is filled with cultural experiences and dining musts around every corner — but what happens when you get tired of shouting sweet nothings across the table to your date in a crowded restaurant? Well, you could opt to dine in. Just be careful what you put on the menu.

Debonair Dining

When word spread that “The Million Dollar Chef” was opening his first restaurant in the heart of Brickell, foodies across the world clamored to secure a coveted reservation at Kaori by Walter Martino. We catch up with him to see what the charismatic culinarian has been cooking up.


Once you discover the secret benefits of aligning your mindset and financial health, you’ll begin to realize that there’s so much more to life than the bottom line.

Exceptional Expo

A celeb-studded spectacular not to be missed, the Miami Home Design & Remodeling Show’s Design Innovator Showcase offers an innovative edge to an already sensational expo.

Dog Days

More American than apple pie, nothing really cements a home’s status as resident of our country’s ideals more than a canine companion. Collected below are our top picks for pooches in need of a new home.

Retail Reveries

Synonymous with sophisticated South Florida shopping sprees, extravagant holiday displays and the latest in fashionable housewares, accessories and clothing, we offer a heartfelt memorial to an institution near and dear to anyone of Sunshine State extraction.

Ambience Defined

Outdoor lighting provides the finishing touch to a home’s exterior, enhances the beauty of a spectacular garden and lights the darkness of night for security and safety. There are many things to consider when selecting the correct lighting.

An Ode to Yoga

If yoga is part of your regular fitness regimen, congratulations, you’ve discovered one of life’s greatest joys. If it’s not, read on to find out why you should jump on the bandwagon: STAT.

Ski Wisdom

Taking to the slopes? SKIUSA’s Eduardo Gaz, who has been in the travel industry for over 25 years and skied in the 7 continents over 100 days a year, says the first step is to plan prior to your vacation to guarantee the best deals and yield the best experience possible. Read on for more savvy advice.

Singer Time

Singer Vehicle Design is known for creating painstakingly perfect air-cooled 911’s, so when they decided to build a watch, it had to be a lot more than “special,” it had to be stellar.

Vintage Vixens

An on-trend entrepreneur recasting consignment for the modern day Miamian, Angie Ferrer Domecq, Founder & Principal of ViBe Consignment, sat down to give us The 411 on pre-loved designer pieces.

Elite Dining

The artful ultra-luxury condominium Oceana Bal Harbor just got even more exclusive with the recent opening of Ballerina, the first residents-only restaurant operated by Starr Catering Group in Miami.

Trendsome Trio

A superiorly stylish troika dictating the bounds and borders of urban fashionality, meet the visionary women responsible for the elevated look of fashion house Lafayette 148 New York.

Undertech Empire

Courageously innovating our intimates, lux lingerie line Giapenta integrates landmark textile technology with a classical sense of chic to enhance that most delicate of delicates.

Talent On The Rise

A regal glimpse into the complex fashionways of beleaguered Venezuela, Daniela Panaro and ultra-feminine line No Pise La Grama have made an undeniable effect on our world’s wider fashion sense.

Higher & Higher

Almost overpowered by the potential inherent in our metropolis, Shahab Karmely and One River Point seek to re-frame the concept of luxury to the modern Miamian.

Miami Style

If someone asked you to define Miami style, what would you say? Most of us would be speechless. For me, I believe that real style comes from within, and what we decide to wear day in and day out on our sunny shores is as unpredictable as the weather.

Rare Flower

Fashionistas love roses and never more so than when they’re crafted of 46.09 carats of pink sapphires, 30.28 carats of rubies, 12.30 carats of tsavorites, 11.35 carats of white diamonds and 1.8 carats of emeralds set in 18K white gold.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Pour Me Another

A Miami native utterly in love with the city he’s in, Cibo’s Yoshi Dade brings one secret ingredient to every charming concoction that passes his bar top: An A+ personality ultimately concerned with patron satisfaction

The Daily Grind

Now generally relegated to the realm of the artisanal, the neighborhood butcher was once a stalwart segment of an area’s food culture. Below we bemoan the loss and celebrate the resurgence of that most carnivorous of craftsmen: The butcher.

Belly Buster

Anxious that we all enjoy our occasional indulgences, get the skinny on how to combat that most malicious of alcoholic aftereffects: the beer belly.

Frankly My Dear, Miami Doesn’t Give a Darn!

An irreverent, daring and sexy place, Miami is uncompromising when it comes to fashion. While other cities disparage our uninhibitedness, we make no excuses and continue to soak up the sun while providing a lax attitude and ample sizzle.

Style Edge

How is Rik Rak able to consistently provide the latest trends available for its clients both in fashion and beauty? The key is Raquel Watters’ keen eye for the latest trends that have not yet reached the masses.

Perfect Vision

Ian Derek creates functional eyewear that enhances the aesthetic of the consumer while supporting their individuality. With Component, he’s established a brand where everything stems from an idea rather than a specific style or statement.

Beauty Boom

Thalassa Boom’s collection reflects her European, Latin and Caribbean roots. Born in Holland, she was raised in Curaçao, where the island’s 80 nationalities and varied cultures had a significant influence on her taste and designs.

South of the Border

Ensconced within Icon Brickell lies Cantina La Veinte, a paradisiacal portion of the best Mexican culture has to offer in and out of the kitchen. Join us as we spend a day learning just what it takes to make a successful restaurant the talk of the town.


Ariadna Gutierrez shows us how to lead the season in style, with lavish looks and a dose of glamour and aptitude.

New Wave

Brave and genius, we introduce you to a group of talented designers providing a breath of fresh air to the South Florida landscape with aesthetics that are powerful and relevant within the current momentum.

Chic Closets

Fashion-forward as we are in this city, there’s always one aspect of our wardrobe we loath to let others admire: Our closets. We spotlight a number of wondrous wardrobe essentials that will change the way you pick out what to wear.

Impressive Vista

One Thousand Museum presented an exclusive Brazilian celebration at the Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum Of Science at the Lunar Terrace. It was a perfect night under the stars hosted by Alan Araujo and Mariana Niro.


Cinematic Fashion Affair

Inspired by the allure of Hollywood’s Golden Age, this year’s Most Stylish finalists skillfully blend timeless elegance with a sophisticated, modern edge.

Empowered Living

Falling in love with Brickell can happen in an instant. Panorama Tower residents share how they’re living their best lives in this cosmopolitan meets tropical metropolis by the sea.