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Higher & Higher

Almost overpowered by the potential inherent in our metropolis, Shahab Karmely and One River Point seek to re-frame the concept of luxury to the modern Miamian.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 9, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

“Luxury is not one singular element, it’s like a symphony,” says Shahab Karmely, Principal Developer & braintrust behind the transformative condominium complex One River Point. “All the pieces have to come together — from the score, to the composer, to the listener. Like a symphony, luxury needs not only design and functionality, but harmony as well.” Intent on bringing Karmely’s riverside renaissance reveries to life, and meticulously imbued with the standard of amenitized living this sagacious executive sincerely believes his customers (and our city) deserve, comes One River Point’s members-only Sky Club, a glass-enclosed, 35,000-sq.-ft. multi-faceted lifestyle enhancement center sure to anticipate every one of its residents’ recreational, health and business needs. Featuring a list of amenities simply too long to list (including, but certainly not limited to, commanding skyline vistas, expertly incepted restaurants, craft cocktail bars, cigar lounges and lavish salon/spa services) and poignantly poised 800 feet above Miami’s cultural core, the Sky Club secures One River Point’s attainment of that deceptive golden mean essential to modern condominium living: All the elegant amenities previously only attainable in high-priced hotels with the contentment, privacy and consideration one only gains in one’s own home;