Pour Me Another

A Miami native utterly in love with the city he’s in, Cibo’s Yoshi Dade brings one secret ingredient to every charming concoction that passes his bar top: An A+ personality ultimately concerned with patron satisfaction
Text by Ryan Jarrell Photos by Edward Leal | May 9, 2018 | People

An Air Force brat born and raised in The Magic City, Cibo’s most charismatic bartender, Yoshi Dade, brings a level of servile grace and hospitable charm increasingly rare in our electronic age, an affable blend of characteristics more precious and palatable than any overly-exotic herbal infusion or artisanal ingredients. “I really feel like I was born to do this,” says Dade, whose experience in hospitality and foodservice has spanned his entire professional career. “Throughout my schooling, I always got ‘talks too much’ on my progress reports…even when I started out bussing tables at TGI Fridays, I would stare at the bar and say ‘One day, I’ll be there!’” Receiver (and inducer) of a number of intoxicant-fueled revelries, one of the most potent potions this barman extraordinaire produces behind the bar at Cibo is his own homebrewed hangover cure. “You can’t go wrong with fresh carrot, apple juice with Angostura bitters, club soda and lemon,” he says. “The apple and carrot help get those vitamins in your system quick, while the soda, bitters and lemon help level out your stomach.” An avid believer in the positive psychic benefits of physical fitness, this sociable saloon keeper’s favored fitness focus lies squarely in the octagon, a practice he’s honed for years. “Being involved in MMA has been a blessing for me throughout my hospitality career because it’s helped me stay disciplined and grounded,” he says. “Another unspoken benefit is, when I’m working the bar, people usually think twice before running out on their bill!”

Yoshi’s Italian Amarorita
1.5 oz Tequila
.75 oz Amaro
.5 oz Aperol
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
.50 oz Agave Nectar