Glimmering Grace

A Miami-based designer of peerless pieces of handcrafted jewelry, Sazingg Founder Irene Zingg gives us a glimpse into the arduous creative process necessary when pursuing perfection.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 9, 2018 | People

A tireless entrepreneur at the pinnacle of her industry, while most of Miami is ascending from blissful slumber, Sazingg’s Irene Zingg is already hard at work. “It’s funny, but I find that many ideas come to me in the early morning,” she says. “Often, I wake up with an idea in my mind and I have to quickly sketch it out as I imagine it.” Drawing the base essence of her designs from her upbringing (Zingg cites her native Venezuela’s natural bounty as a prime influence in her work) the creation of her characteristically bright and buoyant pieces is an arduous process she wouldn’t trade for the world. “The process of bringing a jewel to life is intricate,” she says. “My team and I travel the world in search of stones and materials that inspire us. Once the materials are selected, I sit with my daughter and marketing director and together we create the new pieces and lines. The process is dynamic and fun!” She explains that from the drawing board to the actual piece being in the showroom there are between 4-6 weeks of work, depending on the design. The only question lingering in our minds? What fashionably fascinating designs will she preview next?!;