Talent On The Rise

A regal glimpse into the complex fashionways of beleaguered Venezuela, Daniela Panaro and ultra-feminine line No Pise La Grama have made an undeniable effect on our world’s wider fashion sense.
Text by Hugh Marchand | May 9, 2018 | People

Established initially with the barest of budgets, 9 years has seen No Pise La Grama and Founder Daniela Panaro ascend to heights previously only reserved for that most rarified of industrial titan — from obscure unknown to ambassador to the wider world on behalf of her beloved birth culture. Agile in her incorporation of a number of seemingly dissimilar styles, Panaro will always consider her heritage the primary throughline radiating from each and every piece. “My primary influence is definitely my Latin background,” says Panaro, a modern muse of a nation unfortunately overly present in the North American media. “At No Pise La Grama we emphasize the color and flair that my country and its women offer. We love mixing elegant elements with fun, risky accents.” Currently enjoying a stellar Spring/Summer season replete with the clean cuts her line is known for, Panaro was unfortunately immune to our journalistic wheedling when pressed about her brand’s future. “While we’re always working on globalization and our international projects, we prefer to keep future plans secret — like a lucky charm!”;