Once you discover the secret benefits of aligning your mindset and financial health, you’ll begin to realize that there’s so much more to life than the bottom line.
Text by Sandy Fernandez | May 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

Abundance, manifestation and money mindsets are some of the latest boardroom buzzwords, thanks to life gurus including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Gabrielle Bernstein, the bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back. Universally, views on money and finance vary widely — to some it’s of no concern, while to others, it takes up the majority of their brainspace. What many don’t realize is that money isn’t just currency, it’s a current of energy; an exchange between parties, all of which could have positive or negative impacts. In other words, the thoughts and emotions we store in our bodies in regard to our financial matters, reflect in every area of our lives. Patterns of behavior such as greed, hoarding or amassing things are all reflections of emotional and psychological issues. Conversely, when you flip your perspective to focus on the things you already have, you shift your vibrations positively. In business, for instance, if you begin to focus on the clients you do have, more will likely come knocking. In your personal life, when you focus on the abundance of family and friends you’ve been blessed with, the world may suddenly shine much brighter and you will in turn attract the people and things you want the most. In the end, there’s no magic trick that can magically turn you into a life-loving billionaire. You can, however, choose to see all the wonderful things you’ve been given and the endless opportunities you’ve been presented…and then, just like magic, you may just transform into the richest person alive. And that’s advice you can take to the bank.