Dog Days

More American than apple pie, nothing really cements a home’s status as resident of our country’s ideals more than a canine companion. Collected below are our top picks for pooches in need of a new home.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

A beautiful 1-year-old Black Lab with stunning social skills, Dasher’s calm and collected demeanor make him an ideal starter-dog for any strata of Magic City family. Enthusiastically attending obedience training and beloved by his current foster family, make Dasher’s day by offering him a loving home;

A loving rescue from the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter, it’s truly a wonder this charismatic canine hasn’t already been scooped up! A well-socialized Mixed Breed who likes little more than palling around with humans and other dogs alike, Jax is an excellent addition to singles, families and any household in between;

An adult Shepherd-Mallinois Mix, Buddy’s enthusiastic and active nature means he needs a dedicated and competitive owner willing to give family expansion a whirl. Although a loyal friend to fellow pooches, Buddy’s a traditional dog, and as such is suspicious of felines. He’s particularly adept at heeling; MiamiDade.Gov/Animals.

Dog parks can be a lot of fun, but can also be a recipe for disaster, depending on what players are in the park and how diligently their owners are supervising them. As a responsible owner, it’s your job to ensure your dog is in the mood to play nice with others. He should be actively engaging in play-bowing behaviors, “tag” invitations to entice another dog to come run and play, and be enjoying his time with doggie friends. Inappropriate behaviors include putting a head over another dog’s shoulders, intense chasing, guarding space or toys, as well as incessant barking in another dog’s face. If your dog is more interested in just sniffing around that actively playing, or tends to stick close to you the entire time at the park, it’s best to take him out of the park to enjoy a nice walk instead. Remember, the dog park is not for you to socialize, it’s for your dog to socialize! You should always be supervising your pet — this means no texting, being on you phone or engaging in other distracting activities. Lastly, if your dog has not yet been spayed or neutered, be considerate of other dogs who may not appreciate your dog’s hormones. Just because your unaltered pooch is friendly doesn’t mean that his presence and scent aren’t disruptive to the flow of the park. A dog’s reproductive status definitely affects everyone’s mood! And nobody likes a humper!

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