Issue - September 2015

Body Shop

Architecture, color & detail integrate for extreme and graphic silhouettes.

Earthy Delights

Harvest the season’s bold and luxurious treasures from nature & earth.

The New Future Of Fashion

To some, fashion trends may seem frivolous, but what’s popular in fashion is a visual barometer of much bigger trends in society. Here’s what’s next, what’s hot and what you can expect to see in a wardrobe near you.

Haute Hero

When it comes to styling and personal shopping, Elysze Held of Style Out Of The City helps her clients develop their personal look and make bold fashionable statements wherever they go.

Haute Hues

It’s Friday night and you’re stand in front of your closet, towel wrapped around your chest, hand on your hip, gaze focused. Yet again, you have nothing to wear! Read on to find out the true meaning behind your most worn shades.

Touting Tote

More than a fashion statement, your bag is your most trusted sidekick for all your daily go-to needs. Read on to find out what it’s like to be the “chosen one” for the day. And, yes, we’ve let the bag do the talking.

Perfect Timing

We’d all jump at the chance to more than double an $11 million investment in less than 20 years. But what if it was smaller than an oceanfront condo and had a practical side?

Books Of Beauty

The Writer’s Room at The Betsy Hotel is a working studio space where enlightened travelers, locals and guests meet literary greats and interact with them during thought-provoking salons, engaging the community and linking the past and the present through literature.

Fit Inspiration

If you want the drive to be something bigger than you think you are, look no further than your own mirror. Below are some tips to follow if you’re looking to start a fitness journey, participate in a competition, or learn to believe in yourself and gain more confidence.

Time Is Money

It’s been almost 7 years since the Federal Reserve implemented its ZIRP (Zero Interest-Rate Policy) as a way of fighting the massive financial crisis that came about after years of lending complacency that resulted in a real estate bubble which exploded with the Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, the largest in U.S. history.


They say good ideas can be life-changing. We owe so much to great inventions like the telephone, the television and our beloved GPS. But what happens when a bright idea goes from lightbulb to blackout? Here are a few products that are better at exciting the market than entering it.

Simply Shocking

Inevitably, at some point in your driving career, and most likely late at night, in the rain, in a sketchy neighborhood, you’ve found yourself with a dead battery. Here’s how to avoid this scenario in the future.

Cats & Dogs

A person’s pet affords a glimpse into his or her personality, unless they live in a hi-rise, in which case your preference may be thwarted by those pesky condo association rules. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you can make the world a better place with these 3 words: adopt, adopt, adopt!

Brickell Iceberg

Oh my! As if there weren’t enough reasons to stop into Segafredo Brickell, they’ve just added an extra-large sparkling party punch aptly called the Segafredo Iceberg.

Integrated Solutions

The most efficient business telecommunication technologies help you effectively serve customers, ensure the reliable exchange of information and improve productivity by streamlining communications.

Best Foot Foward

Since 1999, Suited For Success has served over 25,000 men with job training, clothing and mentoring to support their job search needs and secure long-term employment opportunities.

Canvas Of Words

Check out these quotes by a few iconic minds of the past and present in the areas of fashion and art — from irreverent, to witty to compassionate — they share their insights and sensibilities using words as art.

Objectionable Fashion

Top lawyers from various firms around town confidentially share fashion faux pas from the courtroom to the negotiation table that will make you scream: “I object.”

Home Shopping

Discover what South Florida’s top home decorators already know: There’s much more to Downtown Coral Gables than simply fabulous clothing and great food.

Pristine Dreams

If you’re heading down to Key West for a quick weekend getaway or for a longer, much-needed extended staycation check out our recommendations for things to experience while you’re in town.

Flamboyant Waters

Ever wonder what is atop the glamorous buildings recreating the Miami skyline? Luckily, most of them feature jaw-dropping swimming pools with sweeping vistas that allow residents to feel they’re enjoying the water on top of the world.

Eye To The Sky

Carlos Rosso comes from a family of architects and has always loved design. Today, as President of the Condominium Division of The Related Group, he’s responsible for overseeing all of the nearly 5,000 condominium units the firm has on its boards.

Pretty Little Details

Take your beauty and fashion tips, tricks, regimens and remedies for a ride with these suggestions for propelling your looks in ways that will surprise you — and anyone who glances your way.

Seasonal Foodie

Seasonal eating is the craze right now, but this trend is far from new. In fact, it’s been around way before supermarkets filled their aisles with processed options. So why are restaurants all of the sudden jumping on the bandwagon? The better question is, why wouldn’t they?

Wisely Organized

Whether you’ve got 500 or 10,000 sq. ft. of living space, it’s crucial to be able to find things when you want them.

Palate Pleasures

Take your tastebuds on the adventure of a lifetime to Italy, Spain and Switzerland with these delights that you can enjoy with your guests at your next dinner soiree.

Dripping In Luxe

When it comes to purchasing diamonds, the round cut is often the most popular. It captures more brilliance than any other shape, yet all of the other shapes have their own unique look to them.

Hollywood Haute

The gals today are emulating the retro pin-up allure of Dita Von Teese and Lana Del Rey — it’s all about femininity and glamour, and who doesn’t drool over that? Now we can create that same radiance and mega glow, sans the paparazzi flashes.

Channeling Bond

While many action heroes and screen idols have come and gone in the past 50+ years, James Bond remains the ultimate “man’s man” — in large part due to the bespoke suit designed for Sean Connery by Anthony Sinclair.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Tap Travel

For wine tourists, the Bordeaux Region of France and NorCal’s Napa Valley have long been designated as Meccas of Merlot. For those seeking to devote themselves monogamously to beer, their list of holy sites may seem less obvious. However, with 70+ locations to drink directly from the source, San Diego could be the craft movement’s capital city and these are a few of its more colorful representatives.

Chemist Of Craft

Mixologist Carlos Cruz lets creativity, cocktails and chemistry collide in his garden-inspired libation creations at Seaspice.


Like a culinary Captain Planet that harnesses energy from the elements, Vietnamese cuisine uses the power of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and heat for the purposes of good. Balancing flavors becomes an even greater challenge when certain ingredients are also attributed cold (yin) and hot (yang) properties.

Adventure In The Tropics

Experience new kinds of adventures in Panama, a destination fit for cosmo-tropico-Latinos — it’s a dash of Miami & Monte Carlo in the rainforest with a hint of rugged exploration and lots of luxe.

Foreign Flair

From Iceland to Singapore, meet a few international fashion designers who are letting their heritage and culture shine in stylish creations from around the globe. Take this foreign flair affair to the next level by adding a few of these labels to your collection this season and beyond.

The L Word in a Time of Y

Keeping up with Generation Y has taken a toll on love: We all want it, but most people settle for random connections because love is too scary — all aboard the “Fear Of Commitment” wagon.


Introducing The Magic City’s Best-Dressed Professionals

Awaken Your Inner Wardrobe Warrior

Every season comes with a tricky trend that’s not suitable for all shapes and sizes, and that’s a-okay. Knowing when to pass on a trend will keep you looking your best without sacrificing confidence. Here are a few tips on looking fresh, even if it’s not in this season’s silhouette. 

Baby, I Got Groove

From sunrise to sunset, these enthralling retro looks will inject a dose of energy to your confidence and character.


Tragic Commedia

Highlighted by one of the most tragic tenor arias of all time “Vesti la giubba,” the original “Tears of a Clown,” Florida Grand Opera’s presentation of Ruggero Leoncavallo’s I pagliacci is a not-to-be missed tour de force.

Design Minds

Step into a world where interior and exterior spaces meld to create a harmonious symphony of design, architecture and functional aesthetics that redefines spaces and leaves a lasting impact. Introducing a curated collection of DESIGN MINDS — industry leaders from some of South Florida’s top design firms who showcase their sources of inspiration and secrets to success.