Cats & Dogs

A person’s pet affords a glimpse into his or her personality, unless they live in a hi-rise, in which case your preference may be thwarted by those pesky condo association rules. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you can make the world a better place with these 3 words: adopt, adopt, adopt!
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 24, 2018 | Lifestyle

Big Dog
A big dog says you’re so rugged you taught wilderness skills to Chuck Norris, that you had a 4-wheel drive baby carriage and that women swoon at the sight of you (a few guys do, too). It also says that you had no idea whatsoever how big that cute little puppy would get when you picked it up at the animal shelter.

Small Dog
A small dog says you don’t need to compensate for anything. They are also great if you live in a 700-sq.-ft. condo instead of a on a 27,000-acre ranch. Hey, some of us need a pooch that’s happy in a 2-bedroom apartment.

Teacup Dog/Guinnea Pig
Either of these choices says, “I desperately want a pet, but my building forbids real dogs, cats and reptiles.” This restriction makes a guinea pig or a teacup dog a great choice; both look like beanbag toys so no one will guess they’re real.

Purebred Cat
This choice says, “I want a pet that traces its lineage to the King of the Jungle, but won’t eat me.” A cat tends to be proud, self-confident and able to fend for itself. They are aloof yet affectionate to a select few…namely, those who feed them. Most owners develop a weak sense of smell to deal with the accompanying litter box in the bedroom corner.

Common Tabby Cat
“I want a pet that is a mix of breeds, making it the best of the best. I also want to avoid the $4,000 price of a purebred Persian, so that I don’t have to choose between a pet and a week-long vacation. All the practicality but at a bargain price.