Issue – February 2014

Island Oasis

This spectacular home on Pacific Road in Key Biscayne is a one-of-a-kind residence featuring a harmonious melding of the inside and out that’s obvious even before you walk in through the front door.


We teamed up with Switchboard of Miami’s Women’s Leadership Council to bring you some of South Florida’s most eligible bachelors. These guys run the gamut from CEOs and entrepreneurs to lawyers, bankers, realtors, national heroes and every profession in between. Although their stories, style, tastes and experiences are varied, the one thing they all have in common is that they’re single and ready to mingle. Flip the page to meet a few guys you should have on your radar whether you’re looking for love or for some new successful contacts in the city.

Sir Mixalot

If you’re looking for a good time, head over to Seasalt & Pepper for a few sips of awesomeness created by a bartender with one of the coolest names in town.

Wallet Whoa

For Yannick Henriette, wallets represent a lifestyle, an essential part of every man’s everyday that shouldn’t be ignored. Not able to find the right one, he set out to create the perfect wallet for himself, and eventually for the world.

Shoot To Thrill

Proclaimed as one of the top attractions in The Magic City on various best-of sites, Miami’s premier gun range attracts tourists from around the world in search of an experience like none other.


With a name like Nothing But The Best, one would expect nothing less. Luckily, patrons will get exactly what the name claims from the moment they arrive at this new culinary destination in The Roads.

Audiophile Dreams

The sound of these V-Moda M-100 cans is truly phenomenal. The music comes through with so much vivid clarity — the highs are crisp, the lows are rich and deep — that you almost feel like you’re front-row at a concert.

Sip & Sweat

When it comes to the energy you expel during a workout, what you put in is just as important as what you put out. Staying hydrated is essential, but mix it up a little next time you want to get your sweat on with a few sips of green tea.

Romantic Retreats

February is the month of romance and a trip is the perfect way to reconnect with your significant other. Brickell Travel Management shares with us some top getaway options for couples looking for an extra spark in their travel plans.

Untamed Art

If you’re looking for a true original work of art, head to Artopia Gallery and peruse the exceptional pieces on display by Eric Perna. The Brazilian artist is rapidly rising, thanks to his signature style.


One man decides it’s time to get into shape. But instead of working up a sweat, he works his mouth and is forced to exercise his brain and ponder the very meaning of life.

The eCheck Solution

The Question: In today’s techno world what’s the best option for a non-retail business to collect from their customers? The Answer: eCheck 21.

Master Creations

Lineaire Designs is dedicated to crafting beautiful and functional environments for upscale residential and commercial markets, offering a wide variety of services including interior design, new construction build-outs, project renovations, construction management and custom furniture design and manufacturing.

Happiness 101

Believe it or not, there are some very easy things you can do to become happier and more optimistic; it isn’t a science.

Gentlemanly Grooming

Eternal bachelor or blissfully betrothed, either way, the modern man has to step up his grooming game nowadays. Follow these simple tips to help put your best face forward.

Car Speak

We go through this world without speaking to 99.99% of its inhabitants, so it’s up to our choice of vehicle to communicate who we really are. No matter what make, model or color you decide to drive, your choices are definitely giving some insight into who you are.

Green Love

Your love is sustainable, your Valentine’s Day gift should be, too. Here are a few of our favorites for green gifting.

Kid Help

When it comes to aiding children in need around the world, perhaps no experience is more fulfilling than watching a child smile when they realize you’ve arrived with open arms and on a mission to help make their lives a little better.

Modern Mexican

If you’re already planning you’re itinerary for this year’s SoBe Wine & Food Festival, make sure to pencil in “Modern Mexican With A Spanish Twist”, which welcomes Chef Bruno Oteiza to the festivities for the first time.

Time Stands Still

Time knows no end when you’re with your sweetie. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love with this pair of special timepieces.

Fit Future

Take your fitness level to new heights this season and look cute doing it in these fashion-forward finds designed to motivate you to hit the gym — and stay there.

Mind Aid

The team at Switchboard Of Miami’s new Counseling Center aims to help members of the community in need of professional help work through some of their problems one session at a time.

Fiscal Prospects

Foreign buyers from Latin America & Europe have been very active acquirers of residential properties as second homes and investment properties.

Timing Is Everything

Do you really use your watch to tell time? Probably not. That’s what a phone is for. A timepiece is a statement of purpose and this refined pocket watch is no exception.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Perfect Date

Follow these tried-and-true steps to increasing the potential for romance no matter what you order off the menu — or have for dessert.

The Bubbly

Oh, the bubbly. Whether you’re celebrating the New Year, your everlasting love, cheap comic relief, being in a rap video…heck, if you’re celebrating anything, sparkling wine should be your sip of choice.

Kingdom Hopping

An Asian jaunt through Cambodia & Thailand yields a clarity of mind and an adrenaline rush that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world.

Yachtsman’s Paradise

In order to fully appreciate the South Florida lifestyle, you need a boat. We’ve gathered a sampling of impressive vessels that will be making their debut at this year’s Miami International Boat Show and help take your leisure life to the next level.

From Cuba, With Love…

Aiming to reconnect with authentic sensuality during the unabashed month of love is almost guaranteed to get the sparks flying in your direction no matter what your heart’s desire.

Mecca of Fun

Trouble looking for a happening place to have a great time, meet new people and eat & drink the day or night away? Find out why locals and tourists alike choose The Clevelander as their go-to destination for fun in the sun.


The coveted pieces on the following pages express the force and sensuality of movement, with stones and metals uniting to create vivacious, fluctuating compositions. Sometimes delicate, at other times audacious, these pieces are often the product of geometric concepts that are developed in sinuous volumes that are strident, dramatic and never less than dynamic.

The Art of Innovation

During the new Miami Art + Design fair (MA+D), art aficionados, artists and designers from around the world will gather for a jam-packed weekend of limitless innovation, unmatched creativity and pure inspiration.

Sweet Dreams

These top-notch bedroom essentials may not be a necessity per se, but they will sure make life that much more enjoyable!

Landmark Celebration

Dr. Jessica Eagan, DDS, celebrated the first anniversary of her private dental office in Coral Way with family, staff, clients and friends on hand for the festivities.

Dream Venue

Sitting atop George’s Kitchen in Midtown, MidLoft offers an intimate atmosphere and an extraordinary menu.

Talented youth

The National YoungArts Foundation hosted a Backyard Ball to celebrate the 2014 YoungArts Finalists.

Dynamic Development

With international buyers scooping up Miami condos from Brickell to Bal Harbour, The Astor Companies is launching InTown, a new residential development in Little Havana.


Best Friends

The joy of rescuing offers not only second chances but the ability to save lives and build bonds, transforming both human and canine destinies forever. Each rescue story echoes compassion and hope through wagging tails, grateful hearts and pure love.

The Go Getters 2024

Located in one of the most diverse and dynamic business centers in the world, Miami Herbert Business School offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage and grow. The graduates are thought-leaders who transform business, scholarship and lives. To celebrate them, We partnered with the school to present our annual “Go-Getters” feature, honoring current students and recent grads, their successes, hopes and dreams.