We teamed up with Switchboard of Miami’s Women’s Leadership Council to bring you some of South Florida’s most eligible bachelors. These guys run the gamut from CEOs and entrepreneurs to lawyers, bankers, realtors, national heroes and every profession in between. Although their stories, style, tastes and experiences are varied, the one thing they all have in common is that they’re single and ready to mingle. Flip the page to meet a few guys you should have on your radar whether you’re looking for love or for some new successful contacts in the city.
Interviews by Erbi Blanco-True Photography by Gert Rodon; | June 8, 2018 | People

1. MICHAEL GAROFOLA Age: 33 Height/Weight: 6’2”/215 Profession: Asst. U.S. Attorney @ U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District Florida; Interests: Beach, biking, working out, reading Ideal Woman: Dynamic Perfect First Date: He says it should feel like they’ve been dating for years Fun Fact: “I once tried to find love on national TV!”

2. ALEXANDER CAHLIN Age: 26 Height/Weight: 6’2”/185 Profession: Commercial Real Estate Broker & Assoc. VP @ Blanca Commercial Real Estate; Interests: Live music, movies, networking, photography Ideal Woman: Witty Perfect First Date: Casual drinks at a calm outdoor venue Fun Fact: “I’m extremely lucky when it comes to finding parking spaces!”

3. BRAD W. MCMORRIS Age: 37 Height/Weight: 6’2”/210 Profession: VP & Investment Advisor @ Wells Fargo; Interests: Racquetball, skateboarding, physical fitness Ideal Woman: Contributory Perfect First Date: Immediate chemistry Fun Fact: “I know how to cook a mean breakfast!”

4. CARLOS MOREAN Age: 43 Height/Weight: 6’2”/210 Profession: VP & Sr. Manager @ HSBC Bank USA; Interests: Flying, running, photography, boating, live music Ideal Woman: Fun & Smart Perfect First Date: Drinks on Sunday afternoon on Lincoln Road Fun Fact: “I’m a private pilot!”

5. CLINT RUSSELL Age: 32 Height/Weight: 6’5”/250 Profession: Co-Owner @ Prestige Legal Search; Interests: Golf, poker, football, basketball, napping Ideal Woman: #FunnyAndPrettyAndSmartAndSweet Perfect First Date: Drinks and games (Jenga, pool, ping-pong) Fun Fact: “During my last auction, I went for between $4 and $1.7 million!”

6. FRANCISCO AVALOS Age: 30 Height/Weight: 5’9”/170 Profession: Cloud Services Product Manager @ Telefonica U.S.; Interests: Technology, CrossFit, traveling, volunteering Ideal Woman: Honest Perfect First Date: In a casual environment Fun Fact: “I’m a world traveler and have only lived in Miami for a few months!”

7. JASON SHERMAN Age: 37 Height/Weight: 5’11”/185 Profession: CEO, Inventor & Product Designer @ Beyond Zero; Interests: Eating great food, wine, liquor, concerts, travel, sporting events Ideal Woman: Adventurous Perfect First Date: Chemistry…then conversation Fun Fact: “I enjoy traveling on a moment’s notice!”

8. BENJAMIN NUSSBAUM Age: 28 Height/Weight: 5’9”/160 Profession: Accountant & Financial Planner @ BCD Capital Group; Interests: Soccer, basketball, traveling Ideal Woman: Curvy Perfect First Date: Cooking together and movie at home Fun Fact: “I can juggle!”

9. CHRISTIAN DE GALE Age: 39 Height/Weight: 6’0”/170 Profession: Sr. Project Manager @ Plaza Construction; Interests: Lazy Sundays boating on Biscayne Bay Perfect First Date: Effortless laughter with a twist of mystery and lots of adventure Ideal Woman: Lighthearted Fun Fact: “I’m originally from the Spice Island of Grenada, West Indies!”

10. BRANDON M. GILLARD Age: 30 Height/Weight: 5’10”/160 Profession: Attorney @ Hon. Marcia G. Cooke Interests: Reading, cooking, food, politics, fashion, music Ideal Woman: Enduring Perfect First Date: Titillating experiences that send the senses on an adrenaline rush Fun Fact: “I’ll try anything twice!”

11. CHRISTOPHER CAKOV Age: 39 Height/Weight: 6’3”/185 Profession: VP of Business Development @ The Cakov Group; Interests: Charitable causes, sports, dining, outdoors, travel Ideal Woman: Authentic Perfect First Date: Light-hearted, interesting conversation Fun Fact: “I’ve traveled to almost every Western Europe country!”

12. DENNIS MONTOYA Age: 33 Height/Weight: 5’10”/200 Profession: Emergency Medicine Physician @ Team Health; Interests: Traveling, surfing, sitting on the beach with a mojito Ideal Woman: Amazing Perfect First Date: Great food, great drinks, chemistry, good times Fun Fact: “I am HILARIOUS!”

13. ERIC J. VAINDER Age: 40 Height/Weight: 6’2”/210 Profession: Managing Director @ Northern Trust; Interests: Exercising, fishing, basketball, volleyball, volunteering, hanging out with his 8-year-old son Ideal Woman: Caring Perfect First Date: Romantic dinner followed by a walk on the beach Fun Fact: “I have a pair of 6-pound Maltese puppies!”

14. FRANCO MAURIZIO FIORIO Age: 29 Height/Weight: 6’0”/170 Profession: Commercial Real Estate Services @ NAI Miami; Interests: Fishing, golf, camping, snowboarding, traveling Ideal Woman: Intuitive Perfect First Date: A unique experience that’s fun for both involved Fun Fact: “I’m about 1 cm taller in the morning than I am in the evening!”

15. DESI CUELLO Age: 35 Height/Weight: 5’10”/175 Profession: Branch Partner @ All In One Mortgages Lenders; Interests: Fishing, exercising Ideal Woman: Complete Perfect First Date: Fun, romantic & spontaneous Fun Fact: “I love listening to Barry Manilow!”

16. FRANK MARITOTE Age: 24 Height/Weight: 6’2”/185 Profession: Healthcare Administration @ United Health Group; Interests: Kayaking, mountain biking, cooking, golfing Ideal Woman: Independent Perfect First Date: Casual dinner at a nice restaurant Fun Fact: “My great uncle was Al Capone!”

17. DANIEL TAPIA Age: 25 Height/Weight: 5’10”/185 Profession: Dir. of Governmental Affairs @ Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce; Interests: Exercising, FSU football, politics, movies, craft beers Ideal Woman: Secure Perfect First Date: Stimulating — not awkward — conversation over a glass of wine Fun Fact: “I’m a huge fan of Justin Timberlake!”

18. HUGO ADRIAZOLA Age: 30 Height/Weight: 5’11”/175 Profession: Civil Engineer @ BMA Consulting Engineering Interests: Kite surfing, boating Ideal Woman: Sweet Perfect First Date: Sun, ocean, boating…need he say more…Fun Fact: “I’m a wine-maker!”

19. JAN FERNANDEZ Age: 29 Height/Weight: 6’2”/190 Profession: Property Manger @ Personally Managed Properties; Interests: Being a dad, playing basketball, kickboxing, dancing, country music Ideal Woman: Breathtaking Perfect First Date: Great conversation, food and wine over moonlight with a cool breeze Fun Fact: “I enjoy cooking and being a host!”

20. JOEY GUTIERREZ Age: 26 Height/Weight: 5’11/185 Profession: Founder & Managing Partner @ Yotta Sky Group; Interests: Sports, entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, venture capital Ideal Woman: Happy Perfect First Date: Quiet dinner Fun Fact: “I’m an undercover chef!”

21. JOHN CYRIL MALLOY III Age: 45 Height/Weight: 6’3”/190 Profession: Attorney @ Malloy & Malloy, P.L.; Interests: Boating, skiing Ideal Woman: Outdoorsy Perfect First Date: A sunset cruise to a sandbar with fresh stone crabs and extra mustard sauce for dinner Fun Fact: “I have 5 sisters from 3 different countries!”

22. ERICK IVAN MENDOZA Age: 22 Height/Weight: 5’10” Profession: Contractor @ Romanoff Renovations; Interests: Gym, reading, sports, dancing, beach Ideal Woman: Sophisticated Perfect First Date: Fun, Spontaneous and different Fun Fact: “I was in the Air Force!”

23. KASH PATEL Age: 33 Height/Weight: 5’8”/175 Profession: Criminal Defense Attorney Interests: Ice hockey, traveling, cooking Ideal Woman: Moxie Perfect First Date: Drinks in Wynwood followed by an Art Walk Fun Fact: “I wear crazy socks!”

24. DANNY LIPE Age: 50 Height/Weight: 5’10”/170 Profession: Executive VP & Banker @ Community Bank Of Florida; Interests: Golf, travel, sports, good food with friends Ideal Woman: Natural Perfect First Date: Great Communication with good humor Fun Fact: “I’m Mississippi born & raised!”

25. LAWRENCE GREEN Age: 33 Height/Weight: 6’1”/180 Profession: Sales Director @ Ignite Solutions; Interests: Running, cycling, travel, soccer, British comedies Ideal Woman: Mesmerizing Perfect First Date: Early dinner then a stroll along the beach at sunset Fun Fact: “Despite being from England, I’m a massive country music fan!”

26. ALEX URIBE SEVILLA SACASA Age: 28 Height/Weight: 5’10”/170 Profession: Attorney @ The City of Miami; Interests: Running with his dogs, scuba diving, sailing, dancing, sports Ideal Woman: Intriguing Perfect First Date: A new activity Fun Fact: “I can cook incredible oriental desserts!”

27. GREGORY MOLLOY Age: 24 Height/Weight: 5’11’/170 Profession: Operations Manager @ Garden Scapes Interests: Football, soccer, half-marathons, writing, designing landscapes Ideal Woman: Fun-Loving Perfect First Date: Simple, fun, honest & spontaneous Fun Fact: “I love to laugh and make people smile!”

28. ERICK TORRES Age: 25 Height/Weight: 5’6”/160 Profession: Program Manager for Community Affairs @ The HEAT Group; Interests: Discovering new music, writing short stories, outdoor sports, comedy, exercise Ideal Woman: Confident Perfect First Date: Conventional conversation with unconventional personalities and room for honest fun Fun Fact: “I’ve been skydiving!”

29. LEONARDO CAPOBIANCO Age: 32 Height/Weight: 6’0”/187 Profession: Marketing Manager @ Sintea Plustek; Interests: Traveling, cooking, boxing, reading Ideal Woman: Intelligent Ideal First Date: Food, wine, laughter, music Fun Fact: “I always forget my house keys!”

30. HARRIS MANDLER Age: 30 Height/Weight: 5’8”/155 Profession: Certified Financial Planner @ AXA Advisors; Interests: Jogging, paddleboarding, boating, traveling Ideal Woman: Confident Perfect First Date: Live music, skeeball, minor violations of the law, empanadas Fun Fact: “I won ‘Biggest Flirt’ in middle school!”

31. LUCA PAVANELLI Age: 26 Height/Weight: 6’2”/200 Profession: Sr. VP of Sales @ GR8 Group; Interests: Food, staying active, travelling, sports Ideal Woman: Loyal Perfect First Date: Having a nice glass of wine in front of a fireplace Fun Fact: “I’m incredibly shy!”

32. MARC SCHAEVITZ Age: 24 Height/Weight: 6’3”/185 Profession: Cassel Salpeter & Co.; Interests: CrossFit, wakeboarding, surfing, leisure reading, traveling Ideal Woman: True Perfect First Date: A very physical activity followed by a relaxing dinner Fun Fact: “I played college lacrosse!”

33. JAY ADKINS Age: 40 Height/Weight: 6’2”/190 Profession: Owner & President @ ProVest Insurance Group; Interests: Golfing, yachting, reading, traveling, inspiring others Ideal Woman: Understanding Perfect First Date: Light, fun, outside near or on the water Fun Fact: “I produce and spin music for charity!”

35. LES A. BRADLEY II Age: 25 Height/Weight: 6’3”/210 Profession: Owner @ Q4 Fitness; Interests: Wakeboarding, fitness, technology, sports cars, art Ideal Woman: Fun Perfect First Date: Many laughs, laid-back atmosphere, honest Fun Fact: “I achieved All-ACC Honors while competing for the UM track team!”

Photo by Mimoli Photography by Andrea Franky

36. RANDALL MITCHELL CORE Age: 34 Height/Weight: 6’1”/180 Profession: Actor Interests: Exercise, writing, photography, film editing Ideal Woman: Independent Perfect First Date: Quiet, lots of eye contact and tons of delicious food Fun Fact: “I have enough stories to write a couple of books!”

37. DR. MACARTHUR DRAKE, JR. Age: 44 Height/Weight: 6’4”/235 Profession: Neuroradiologist & Medical Doctor @ The Polytope Corp. Interests: Basketball, chess, travel, jetskiing Ideal Woman: Classy Perfect First Date: Non-stop laughter, relaxing, fun Fun Fact: “I collect and enjoy music from everywhere!”

38. NICOLAS I. GERSON Age: 38 Height/Weight: 5’9”/180 Profession: Attorney @ Gerson & Schwartz, P.A.; Interests: Playing guitar, running, tennis, live music, sporting events Ideal Woman: Vibrant Perfect First Date: Lots of chemistry, laughs, great food and fun Fun Fact: “I used to be in a rock band!”

39. RICHARD MONTES DE OCA Age: 38 Height/Weight: 6’0”/205 Profession: Attorney & Managing Partner @ MDO Partners; Interests: Boating, basketball, golf, youth ministry, hanging out with my teenage son Ideal Woman: Wonder Woman Perfect First Date: Fine wine, tasty tapas and great conversation Fun Fact: “I was a boyhood rap star who mastered Rapper’s Delight by the time I was 5!”

40. RYAN BRENDAN SULLIVAN Age: 30 Height/Weight: 5’9”/200 Profession: Real Estate Broker @ Fausto Commercial; Interests: Beach, gym, music festivals, reading, movies Ideal Woman: Amazing Perfect First Date: A casual drink and dinner with great conversation Fun Fact: “I actively volunteer for the Special Olympics!”

41. WILLIE CARPENTER Age: 56 Height/Weight: 5’9”/190 Profession: Sr. VP @ Community Bank Of Florida; Interests: Golf, running, traveling Ideal Woman: Intelligent Perfect First Date: Great food, drinks and lively conversation Fun Fact: “I’m in the Sports Hall Of Fame for my college and high school in both baseball & football!”

42. RUSSELL HALL Age: 29 Height/Weight: 5’10”/170 Profession: CEO & Attorney @ Shapiro Fishman Interests: Tennis, football, beach, travelling, working out Ideal Woman: Elegant Perfect First Date: Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry Fun Fact: “I was once on Family Double Dare!”

43. RICH SHINNERS Age: 31 Height/Weight: 6’4”/200 Profession: Independent Healthcare Consultant Interests: Sporting events, art fairs, church, exercise, outdoor concerts, festivals, boating, philanthropy Ideal Woman: Cultured Perfect First Date: Good conversation, by the water, champagne and seafood Fun Fact: “I’m a hopeless romantic!”

44. ROB RICHTER Age: 32 Height/Weight: 5’10”/185 Profession: VP of Business Development @ Flagler Global Logistics; Interests: Guitar, sports, travel Ideal Woman: Awesome Perfect First Date: Great conversation Fun Fact: “I’ve lived or studied in 6 countries!”

45. SEAN BALFOUR Age: 37 Height/Weight: 5’11”/205 Profession: Mortgage Banker @ PNC Bank; Interests: Golf, kiteboarding, surfing, paddleboarding, volunteering Ideal Woman: Adventurous Perfect First Date: Engaged, fun, spontaneous, excellent conversation, amusing, memorable Fun Fact: “I know how to sew!”

46. ROBERT FERNANDEZ Age: 33 Height/Weight: 6’0”/190 Profession: Communications Manager, LATAM @ Microsoft; Interests: Travel, fitness, politics, technology, dance Ideal Woman: Ambitious Perfect First Date: Classy dinner followed by a great show or concert Fun Fact: “I’m a twin!”

47. ROBERT MARKSMEIER Age: 35 Height/Weight: 5’8”/155 Profession: Financial Executive @ Toyota Tsucho American; Interests: Watersports, cycling, dining, community services, music, guitar Ideal Woman: Sweet Perfect First Date: Brunch followed by a day of kayaking then dinner and a nocturnal beach stroll Fun Fact: “It’s a secret!”

48. ZAK MANN Age: 34 Height/Weight: 5’10”/180 Profession: Financial Advisor @ National Planning Corp.; Interests: Photography, DJing, cooking, skiing, philanthropy Ideal Woman: Profound Perfect First Date: Chemistry and laughter, losing track of time Fun Fact: “I was a climbing and rappelling instructor at a summer camp!”

49. JOSH MEYER Age: 28 Height/Weight: 5’11”/175 Profession: Chief Technology Officer @ Investor Solutions, Inc.; Interests: Fitness, traveling, entrepreneurship, scuba diving, comedy shows Ideal Woman: Down-To-Earth Perfect First Date: Casual with good conversation and chemistry Fun Fact: “I’ve driven from Maine to San Diego 4 times!”

50. NATHAN J HILLER, PH.D Age: 39 Height/Weight: 5’10/180 Profession: Assoc. Professor of Management & Int’l Business @ FIU College Of Business; Interests: Surfing, travel, food Ideal Woman: Sophisticated simplicity Perfect First Date: True connection and fun conversation Fun Fact: “I’ve lived in 10 cities on 3 continents!”