Fiscal Prospects

Foreign buyers from Latin America & Europe have been very active acquirers of residential properties as second homes and investment properties.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | June 7, 2018 | Lifestyle

However, foreign investors, while less visible, have been just as active in the commercial real estate market, acquiring small and medium-sized shopping centers, office buildings, stand-alone buildings for pharmacies or fast food franchises, gas stations, warehouses, etc. Excellent loan opportunities also exist for financing commercial real estate for foreign investors. This market segment is showing greater discipline compared to the mid-2000’s boom period in commercial real estate. Although property valuations are rising, they are still substantially below their previous peaks. Many purchases by foreign investors have been on a cash basis and now present an opportunity for local banks to refinance at low Loan To Values (LTV’s). Foreign investors are eager to obtain financing for purchases in order to leverage their activities, make more purchases and establish U.S. credit. Provided such buyers are transparent in their ownership structures, disclose all necessary information required by U.S. laws and the provided properties meet valuation requirements and generate sufficient cashflow to service bank debt, there should be ample credit available.

David Konfino is Chief Lending Officer at Banco do Brasil Americas which is wholly owned by Banco do Brasil, S.A., Latin America’s largest bank;

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