Top Dogs

This Valentine’s Day, why not make a lasting relationship with someone who needs it the most? Below are some eligible suitors from neighborhood shelters who could really use a companion.

Pure Heaven

A treat for anyone already enamored with their tasteful spa and massage services, mySpa at InterContinental Miami has recently unveiled a holistic exercise program ideal for the modern urbanite.

Cuisine Couture

Eager to eat out but bored with lackluster local eateries? Head to Gianni’s At The Villa to enjoy a feast for all the senses.

Heart Healthy

In celebration of American Heart Month, Mercy Hospital is focusing on the devastating effects heart disease has on women and the steps needed to prevent it.

Yacht Hopping

Around this time of year many years ago, I landed a dream PAID internship at a publishing house that produced a portfolio of luxury lifestyle magazines.

Artful Wander

Miami has become an international enclave for the art world. In honor of that, we time-capsule back to another seaside destination that fostered the great artists of its time: The French Riviera of the 1920s.

Sailing Through Life

One writer recounts a series of adventures she’s experienced on, in and around the water throughout a life where boarding a yacht has become second nature.

Fish Dinners

We’ve all run into that seasoned angler who wants to reminisce about when the fish off South Florida were “so thick that they practically jumped right into the boat and onto the grill.” Non-profit Oceana wants to see those days return.

Wallet App-titude

Managing your money shouldn’t be a second full-time job, nor should choosing the right financial app to help with your particular situation. We’ve helped narrow down the selection.

Pie Hard

A product of passion, dedication and unapologetically simple foodcraft, if you have yet to hear about the calorically-catastrophic but oh-so-scrumptious phenomena that is Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies, you haven’t been listening hard enough!

Recover Right

Driving down Brickell Avenue, one can’t help but notice the massive developments being erected. Here we are in 2017, and the global economy has shifted once again — the European market is on the brink of collapse, many South American countries are experiencing significant political and economic turmoil, and yet construction in our city continues.

Ruff Riders

Ever concerned about the plight of homeless animals in our area, we’ve collected some of the city’s most affectionate adoptable dogs from local shelters.

Green Minded

Eco-friendly is a term we use a lot, but what does it actually mean when it comes to the kitchen? The following environmentally conscious choices will not only benefit your body and the environment but, as an added incentive, your wallet as well.

Central Care

Bringing a slew of state-of-the-art medical services from the University of Miami Health Systems to South Dade, The Lennar Foundation Medical Center offers comprehensive, consolidated health care to our city.

Touchpad Teacher

Say “Rosetta Stone” and most people think “fast, convenient language training.” The same company that uses computers to make us efficiently multi-lingual, now wants to train our brains.

Land Of Good Welcome

Once a sleepy fishing village with tropical jungles and precipice views of the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta was thrust into the spotlight in the ‘60s when famed lovers Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton called it home. Now again, it reigns as the most coveted destination on the map.

Big Appetites

When I sat down to finalize this month’s “Plates & Pours: Miami’s 50 Best Dishes, Drinks & Desserts” feature, I quickly realized our editors eat out way too much.

Retro Toast

If you’ve ever watched The Brave Little Toaster, you know that not all toasters are created equal. Enter the Combi 2 + 2 Toaster by Dualit

Mezcal amor

We’re always striving to enhance and enlighten our palates. This month, we step to the left of a typical tequila with a thoroughly loco libation.

High Steaks

It’s that most singular and satisfying of meat dishes: the steak. We tackle the in’s and out’s of both its culinary preparation and cultural significance.

Soul Bites

A hearty fare sets the mood for lessons learned over meals shared with new acquaintances, old friends and strangers alike.

Chew On This

Here’s what not to do when you go out to savor a meal and enjoy the art of gastronomy: Introducing the 5 types of eaters who can be utterly obnoxious and make you lose your appetite before your first bite.


Miami’s sizzling international food scene has been on the upswing since its inception. What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but what local chefs and restaurateurs have planned will satiate even the most stubborn of appetites.

Plates & Pours 2017

In an effort to truly satisfy our public, our bold culinary-inclined staff struck out to find the 50 finest dishes, drinks and desserts The Magic City has to offer. It’s a tough job…but somebody’s gotta do it!

Give & Get

Perfect weather. Beautiful beaches. Endless servings of croquetas. There are countless ways we, as enthusiastic citizens, have taken from our city. Herewith: 20 FUN ways to give back.


From helping build a school in a hillside barrio of Quito, Ecuador, to rubbing elbows with Manhattan and Dublin society, one writer shares the experiences she’s had meeting interesting people through philanthropy.

Giving Gladly

Drawing deeply from the community they love so much, Mercy Hospital’s volunteers form an integral portion of the compassionate caregiving Mercy supplies our community.

Down & Dirty

A passionate and productive addition to the South Beach food scene, the farm-friendly fast food fanatics behind DIRT believe that in order to be well, you’ve got to eat well.

Equality Extravaganza

Celebrating its 9th year as the definitive South Florida LGBTQ event, April 9 will see Miami Beach Gay Pride once more enliven our shores with pride.

Perfect Pals

This spring, why not greet the warm weather with a brand new walking buddy? Below are some furry friends from surrounding shelters who’d love to start a new life with you.

Glamour Gently

A modern maîtriser of the minimalist makeup mode, Miami-based Cosmetic Artist Champagne “Bo” Satayakul doesn’t create beauty — she accentuates it.

Eco Pretty

Think the makeup in your drawer doesn’t come with an inconvenient truth or two? Use our moral makeup guide to see if your cosmetics kit passes the test.

Fine Wine Showcase

Napa Valley’s Stags Leap District is a small appellation with a big reputation. Home of some of the top wineries in the world, it’s filled with glorious vineyards in every direction as far as the eye can see.

Standing United

Big news on the philanthropy front: The United Way Of Miami-Dade turns 93 this month, making it almost an even century The Magic City has been touched by this outstandingly obliging organization.

Bon Manje

Tassot. Kasav. Queue de Boeuf. If those words don’t make your mouth water, then you’re not living in Miami. With a rising rate of migration, readers shouldn’t be surprised if some Haitian creations soon become as commonplace as a media noche.

Spendy Sips

In a city deemed one of the nation’s most pricey, Miamians are well-acquainted with having to pay for the pleasure of residing in a place so magical. Imbibe below on some cocktails so costly they’ll make you thankful for rail prices.

Global Do-Gooder

Complementing a rigorous travel itinerary with philanthropy and giving back to the communities you’re visiting has the power to augment your experiences abroad in more ways than you can imagine.


Every organization from The White House to your neighborhood garage sale relies on volunteers for free labor, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Check out a few ways to avoid being “that” volunteer.


Soul Mates

Miami power couples share their secrets to success and how they Seamlessly balance love, family and career endeavors.

Food Fascination

Executive Chef Michael Hernandez started his journey in high school through his culinary operations class, where he had his first opportunity to cook and discover his true calling.