Pet-Sitter Diaries

Taking care of furry cuties seems like the easiest job in the world, or so you’d think. The professional sitters who care for the four-pawed amongst us have more than their fair share of wild tales to tell.
Text by Morgan “The Dachshund” Lindsey | May 21, 2018 | Lifestyle

Doorknob Debacle
The owners of a pair of Rottweilers came home to a big surprise when they found their bedroom door hanging off its hinges. Somehow the dogs had accidentally locked themselves inside the room when they’d left. When the dog-sitter arrived, they were frantic to get out. She tried all the old tricks, a bobby pin, small wire in the emergency hole, etc. Nothing worked. Finally, she took the door off its hinges and proceeded to walk the two dogs with very full bladders.

Gourmand Kittys
It’s true that animals can frequently rule the house, especially in the case of one cat lover with 9 cats who travels a lot. Not only did each cat have to be fed a special meal, but they had to be fed in different locations. One would only take his meals seated at the dining room table; another preferred the kitchen counter. As if that wasn’t enough, the owner had placed nanny cams around the house to ensure that her feline friends were being catered to properly — and behaving.

Cruisin’ Canines
Brother and sister standard poodles, Elsa and Fred, are so used to their daily go-for-a-ride time that when their owners go out of town, the pet-sitters on duty have to take the doggies on their usual route, which includes a hamburger at Burger King on Wednesdays and a cheeseburger at McDonald’s on Sundays. Ironically, neither of the dogs believe in rest stops, even when they’re driven by a dog park — instead, they prefer to be walked at home. Doggie divas, much?

Pet-Gate Crasher
A pet-sitter once got a last-minute call that resulted in her not getting a chance to meet the two cats she was asked to look after in advance. When she arrived, there were a trio of cats on the property, so she called the owner. Turns out they did in fact only have two cats: a white one and a black one. But the question was which black cat was theirs. So she put out enough food for all 3, including the opportunist. The new cat convinced the family to adopt him when they returned from their trip.