Whether you choose to make a condo, a loft, a townhouse or an RV your home, this sacred space is your very own retreat from the noise and pressure of the outside world. Here are tips on how to make your home-life as tranquil as possible.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | May 21, 2018 | Lifestyle

Zen Zone
You finally make it home after a long day at the office where you endured a series of “2016 Projections & Goals” presentations by the executive team and all you long for is a little slice of solace in your happy place. Whether it’s zoning out while you whip up a little comfort food in the kitchen or as you watch the clouds morph from your balcony, having a moment to yourself where you allow your brain to slow down is just what you need to help you shift your mood and your mindset. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries and knowing where your happy place is within your abode will help you power up and feel relaxed faster than an Amazon Prime delivery.

Bedroom Bliss
The bedroom is absolutely where the magic happens. And no, we aren’t talking about that kind of magic. Your bedroom should make you feel welcomed, peaceful and at ease. You’d be smart to make this the most comfortable room in your home. From the colors on the walls and the silkiness of your sheets to the scent that permeates the room, these details can have a big impact on your well-being. Borrowing some tips from Feng Shui will help enhance your bedroom experience. If you have troubled sleep, try changing your walls to a cool and soothing blue, dab a bit of lavender oil on your pillow and remove any clutter you may have stored underneath your bed.

Delegate It
When there are only so many hours in the day to accomplish your daily deeds and your ever-growing list of to-do’s, who wouldn’t want to cut out time-sucking, non-essential tasks that can be delegated to another set of helping hands? Not everyone can afford having a personal assistant to conquer your Costco list, help schlep your dry cleaning across town or cut the grass. Lucky for us, this year ushered in a long list of home delivery and personal services on demand that help ease our day-to-day lives by tackling tough errands. Now you don’t have to struggle to hang a new shelf in your closet or that brand new hi-def TV on your wall because there’s always someone on call ready to be your hero.

Kitchen Confidential
Let’s be honest, not everyone knows their way around the kitchen like a celebrity chef. Most of us don’t even know what that bottom drawer in the oven does aside from store other pots and kitchen gear that we don’t know how to use. And those who are interested in learning may not have the time to dedicate to cooking from scratch and measuring out the precise tablespoon-worth of oregano to get your Italian seasoning just right. But just because you don’t have kitchen skills doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Thanks to a growing number of pre-made, half-made, homemade, custom-diet food delivery programs, you’ll never have to go hungry again. Consider leaving the cooking to someone else — it just might end up costing you the same (or less) as doing it yourself.

Artistic Expression
Every home is a canvas and its owner is the artist. Some prefer blank walls while reserving the bold colors for furniture pieces and accents that adorn the room, while others may saturate their walls with color or a collection of art. Each item in your home is an artistic expression that adds warmth, memory and emotion to the canvas. Whether it’s a Murano glass vase that you brought back from your last trip to Italy or an art piece from an artist you discovered in Reykjavik, we possess items that elicit memories, capture a moment, an event or an experience. Your home is your personal life museum where you’re able to display all the items that you value and bring you love and joy on a daily basis.