$9,900 OJ

When most people hear the word Florida, they think of fresh-squeezed orange juice. The Hammacher Commercial Juicer takes this healthy morning treat to a whole new level.

Italian Style

The term “sleek Italian roadster” usually conjures up visions of a red Ferrari. But for those who seek style and perfection instead of a stereotype, there’s the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Safecracker’s Choice

How do you create the most secure watch safe? Simple…you let a safecracker design it, which is how the Brown Safe Company makes their impenetrable units.


Imagine writing out an epic thank-you note with the world’s most expensive pen then putting it in a gift box for that special someone.

Sparkling Treasures

Diamonds are a symbol of love, success and the good things in life. Freddy’s Certified Diamonds & Fine Jewelry carries a magnificent selection of GIA-certified diamonds in all shapes and sizes.

Tech Time

Millennials have their own distinct ideas as to what a “luxury” item is. To succeed with this generation, jewelers must embrace these new definitions, for now.

Time To Care

We all know about lightweight carbon fiber race cars, but a completely carbon fiber watch? The Hublot Best Buddies Classic Fusion Chrono Aero Carbon Cycling Timepiece is the company’s latest masterpiece created specifically to benefit a charity.

Uniquely Adventurous

If you love the roar of a V Twin engine and the rush of the highway, but would never consider straddling a motorcycle, here’s a 3-wheeled solution.

Stand-Up Spa

Say “chromatherapy” and one’s mind immediately travels to the relaxing, rejuvenating offerings at top spas around the world.

Splendid Collaboration

From furniture to sculptural pieces and architectural commissions, Mark Newson has done it all. The latest endeavor from his creative brain is the Rolling Luggage by Louis Vuitton and Mark Newson.

Maintenance Matters

When it comes to maintenance, repair, paint and collision, high-end European and exotic vehicles require special state-of-the-art equipment and the best technicians who are trained and licensed specifically for luxury vehicles.

Modern Mogul

Some say that gold ties are the new black tie — and the Hex Tie Freedom Sol is not for the fashion faint of heart.

Classic…But Better!

We live in good times for car enthusiasts. Ford’s iconic Mustang is an epic example of how muscle cars of the ‘60s are back, but even better than they were way back when.

Heir Apparent

Every now and again there’s a story of a well-off widow who cut all the relatives out of her will to leave a modest fortune to her cat. However, that’s nothing compared with what these dogs raked in.

Top Gun

Every so often, you find yourself in the right place at the right time. For me, it was when I found myself in a jet fighter at 500 mph, doing barrel rolls.

Boardroom Domination

Even the diehard gold Rolex-wearing traditionalists will have a tough time not tossing their beloved perpetual self-winding movement aside and finally embracing smartwatch technology when they get a good look at the Brikk Lux Omni 18k Gold Apple Watch.

Watch Out

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, holiday shopping is right around the corner. Luckily, the new and improved Apple Watch doesn’t care if you’ve been good or bad. Don’t be surprised if you get one with your name on it before year’s end.

Speed Racing

It’s great to have a car that can do 100 mph around corners, and here is how to do it without ending up in jail — or worse.

Creative Sparkle

With offerings ranging from intricate filigree necklaces to Disney-themed charm bracelets, the new Pandora at Brickell City Centre is a must-stop for jewelry and gifts. Celebrate the official grand opening this month with a series of events from Nov. 3-6.

Artful Winding

Most watch collectors focus on the timepieces, viewing the accessories, such as winders, as mere afterthoughts. The LumiSidus is an exception that can outshine the beauty of even the finest mechanical watch.

Huge TV

We love our big-screen TVs and the bigger the better.

Glittering Gifts

We know the terror of ever-procrastinated holiday shopping. The palpitations. The shopper’s shoulder-slouch. The thousand-eye stares. Luckily, there’s a select shop newly opened in Miami Design District to set your anxieties at ease.

Regal Repair

When dealing with a high-price exotic or European vehicle, people’s first reaction when faced with a maintenance or repair issue is to head straight to the dealership.

The Millionaire’s App

The VIP Black App takes window-shopping to a whole new level. For a mere $999.99, the world’s first premium lifestyle app allows users to check out an extensive catalog of luxury splurges just begging to be purchased.

Tony Fixed It!

In the 1960s, The Beach Boys ruled the radio and small sportscars ruled the boulevard. Those who wanted something more exotic than the frumpy MGB snatched up the sexy Fiat 124. The Spider is back and sexier than ever.

Carbon Vows

Say “carbon fiber” and you’ve got the average guy’s complete attention. Traditionally, the term is in reference to high-tech car bits.

Timeless Style

To commemorate 80 years of uncompromising quality and style, Bruno Magli offers a very limited line of Ottanta Signature Edition watches.

Sign For All Times

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and legendary pen maker Montegrappa has been living up to that old adage for over a century.

Floating Fables

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens on a yacht seems to get out almost before the deed is done. This leads to some very entertaining stories on the high seas.

YACHT SPECTACULAR: Navigating the new & improved Miami International Boat Show

Miami retains its title as is the winter destination for all things boating and yachting with over $4 billion in new and brokerage vessels, marine accessories, glamorous clothing, art, food and music coming to town Feb 16-20. For its second year, over at the Miami Marine Stadium is the world-famous Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) with its Strictly Sail component at Downtown’s Miamarina at Bayfront Park. Collins Avenue is home to Yachts Miami Beach, a completely separate show; and Watson Island hosts the invitation-only Superyacht Miami.

It’s Alpha-BOATIcal!

For elites and Gilligans alike, we’ve collated a hopefully helpful A-Z of everything nautically necessary for a successful ship-bound lifestyle at sea.

Second Chance

Car aficionados love to wring their hands and wail: “If only Dad had bought a 1960s Aston Martin way back when and now I had it, I’d be sooooo happy.” If that sounds familiar, here’s your chance for a do-over.

Sunny Days

Imagine a future where there is no need to stop at the fuel dock, where you can cruise in silence…except for the waves lapping against the hull. Marine solar technology is making great strides in that direction.

Lavish Love

The gold standard of South Florida jewelry stores, Freddy’s Certified Diamonds & Fine Jewelry has been a must-stop for lovers since 1975.

Perfect Timing

It’s no coincidence that Rolex timepieces have long been associated with yachting. The Yacht-Master II is a great example: The watertight, eminently robust “oyster” case protects a reliable and accurate movement that’s uniquely engineered for sailboat racing.

Gold Standard

There’s nothing like wearing your status on your face — especially when the sun is blazing high overhead or reflecting off the crystal-clear waters of some exotic destination.

Love Me Tender

Every vessel in this collection would make an excellent choice as a tender to a superyacht, providing transportation to and from shore, taking guests fishing, diving or on cruises to explore local waters where the main yacht can't go. Each would also be a great choice as a primary boat. Text by Bill Lindsey

Boating Basics

We all know Moses is responsible for the 10 Commandments, but if he was a boater, he would have had to make one more trip up the mountain for the following words of wisdom.

Caribbean Ascendants

It’s taken just over 80 years for The Boolchand Group to penetrate the North American continent, and with partnerships with such diverse brands as Pandora Jewelry, Canon and Crocs, this Caribbean conglomerate is ready for their next chapter.

America’s Sweetheart

A torrid love affair has been underway between drivers and the Chevrolet Corvette ever since the first model rolled off the line way back in 1953. The all-new Grand Sport Corvette keeps the love brightly burning.


Aqua Harmonia

Inspired by visionary artist Antuan Rodriguez’s Water Codes collection, this editorial invites you to immerse yourself in a world where the human body forms a profound connection with our most precious element. Through this fusion, we celebrate the essence of life itself.

Joy To The World

The holiday spirit was alive and well in Miami as festive events, private soirees and community cheer spread throughout the urban core and beyond.