Instant Adrenaline

All motorcycles inspire a sense of adventure, but none create an obsession to head out to the grocery store by way of Africa like the BMW R 1200 GS.


Watches continue to be man’s favorite power accessory. With a mix of metals, leathers and gems, these chronograph stunners for him are sure to make everyone green with envy.

Fresh Fizz

The Foss Marai Collection of sparkling wines prefers partying to cellaring. Keep a few bottles on hand to start a celebration with just the pop of a cork.

Eternal Time

Owning a luxury timepiece is a wonderful investment. Some people equate it to owning a luxury car. And as anyone who owns a piece of art can confirm, it takes some work and dedication to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are a few things to consider.

Perfect Storm

Hurricane Lamborghini is approaching South Florida at 200 MPH, with seating for 2, all-wheel-drive and more attitude than a room full of Kardashians. In short, this car is a dream come true for attention junkies.

Being Bond

If driving is that part of the day you most savor, you need something far removed from a mundane grocery-getter. May we present the Aston Martin Vanquish, a vehicle that generates ferocious levels of luxurious performance.

Decadent Dials

Diamonds are a girls (and guys!) best friend, and this holiday season if you’ve been nice (or maybe just a bit naughty) Santa might leave one of these glitzy timepieces in your stocking.

Diamond Décor

When trying to come up with just the right creative angle for your home and life, you can look at jewelry, art, furniture and fashion.

Borrowed Time

Want to tell the time like a millionaire without spending millions on your collection? Adorn your wrist in style without breaking the bank with a membership to Eleven James that transcends time, space and budget.

Future Vroom

The latest generation of smartphones are a great example of how we rely more on technology than ever for what used to be mundane tasks — including driving around town.

Serious Sedan

Cadillac has once again re-written automotive history. If your lifestyle demands a sedan, but you crave owning a car with a top speed that could cause your adrenaline to pump faster than ever, here’s the answer: The 2016 Cadillac CTS-V.

Watch Talk

About 50 years ago, a watch was all about telling time and Timex’s motto was: “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.” Now they are an extension of your personality, real or imagined. Here are a few types of watch options and what they say about you.

When Money Is No Object

This page normally focuses on the practical aspects of building wealth. This month, we’re flipping the script and taking a peek at some ostentatious spending. In particular, the wild budgets of the rich & famous.


Valentine’s Day is traditionally filled with offerings of flowers, chocolates and champagne. And Aston Martin wants you to put your bubbly to good use in their Limited Edition One-77 Bottle Cooler.

Yacht Speed Ahead

The demand for yachts in Miami is so huge it requires separate, yet complementary, boat shows: The Miami International Boat Show and The Yacht & Brokerage Show. Whether you prefer to commission a custom vessel or are seeking a deal on a used boat, you’re search starts here.

Essential Luxe

Stay bold this time of the season with these enticing & luxurious gems ready to make an impact wherever your social itinerary takes you.

Essence Of Time

While some may believe watches were rendered obsolete by smart phones, we say a digital rectangle is no replacement for wearable art that’s an expression of one’s true self as well as a timekeeping device.

Ford’s Ferrari

Get a quick glimpse into the history of how one of Ford’s greatest offerings came to be and what the future holds for the coveted GT and everything it offers on and off the road.

Oh, Abundance!

The words handmade and refrigerator are not normally used in the same sentence, but then La Cambusa Refrigerator by Meneghini is much more than a fridge.

Bold Gold

The Key has a hidden gem — oh, yes, pun intended — when it comes to Diamonds On The Key, owned by Jewelry Designer & Entrepreneur Christina Termine. This gal is lauded for having the ability to unearth a rare diamond, design a piece that defines exquisite, and transform an heirloom into a contemporary bauble. This by-appointment jeweler is all about high-quality, unique jewels sans the high retail cost.

Saving Time

Watch aficionados may have one favorite timepiece, but they also probably have many others that evoke deep pleasure. Keeping them wound is not as critical as keeping them secure.

Spumante Psychosis

Sparkling Italian wines aren’t just fantastic when enjoyed with food, they’re also fantastic in food: Here are a few of the craziest culinary concepts enhanced by Foss-Marai Spumante.

Sensory Rejuvenation

Now you can have your own personal cocoon in which to escape and recharge. “Color is a property of light, which is made up of many different waves of energy,” say Lanzavecchia + Wai and Marine Meyre, the designers of the Mycoocoon Immersion Pod.

A Cut Above

It was Elizabeth Taylor who quipped: “Big Girls Need Big Diamonds”...and Freddy’s: The Certified Diamond Store would have certainly made the violet-eyed screen goddess jubilant with pride. In a town where businesses become le fad du jour, Freddy’s is a staple for exquisite diamonds and exalted quality.

Guy Time

Baselworld 2015, the world’s largest watch fair held in the Swiss town of Basel, introduced some incredible watches for the young professional looking for a blend of style and performance.

Carbon Nirvana

Carbon trim has become all too common as a substitute for real performance, but on the DB9 Carbon Black, it’s not only appropriate, it’s actually part of the name.

Millennial Walkman

Sony changed the world when the original cassette Sony Walkman went on sale on July 1, 1979.

Gyroscopic Genius

Watch snobs would never resort to a timepiece powered by batteries, but self-winders must be worn to remain accurate. If you have ever realized your favorite watch has stopped due to inactivity, take a look at this unique solution.

Perfect Timing

We’d all jump at the chance to more than double an $11 million investment in less than 20 years. But what if it was smaller than an oceanfront condo and had a practical side?

Dripping In Luxe

When it comes to purchasing diamonds, the round cut is often the most popular. It captures more brilliance than any other shape, yet all of the other shapes have their own unique look to them.

Smart Time

If you’re an IT geek who turns your nose up at Rolexes smugly declaring: “My phone is my clock” — here’s what you need to know to choose the right smartwatch for you.


No matter how high-tech your car is, a “smart” radar detector that communicates with smartphones is a worthy addition. The Passport Max2 is cutting-edge technology that helps protect you against speed traps and red light cameras.

Globetrotting Briefcase

Behind the individually handmade stylish vegetable-tanned Italian Vachetta leather contemporary exterior of the oddly-named yet surprisingly tech-forward TravelTeq Trash Briefcase is an interior designed to meet a wide array of needs and lifestyles.

Millenial M.P.H

Millenials are hard to typecast because they come from all walks of life, possess varying interests and have very distinct personalities. Some are all about the latest tech and fashion while others want to live in tofu houses to save the planet. It makes sense, then, that they can choose a vehicle that perfectly fits their lifestyle.

Darth Time

The latest edition of Star Wars has fans feverishly snapping up soon forgotten collectibles such as Wookie water bottles. A watch, on the other hand, is something we all need to avoid the fury of parking meters or dinner dates.

Plug-In Porsche

Since 1948, Porsches have been converting gasoline into adrenalin-pumping, glorious noise. The adrenalin remains, but soon there will be a ghostly-quiet yet unbelievably fast Porsche that will never need to stop at a gas pump.

Golden Wipes

Golden faucets are a thing of the past when it comes to having the world’s poshest bathroom.

Precise Elegance

For more than 100 years, Audemars Piguet has been creating elegant works of art. From incredibly complex horological wonders to classically elegant wristwatches, this firm has something for everyone.

Porsche Roadshow

What’s the best way to know which Porsche is the right one for you? Well, you can drive half a dozen the way they were intended to be driven — on a racetrack.

Smart Connection

Smart watches offer a plethora of apps to keep you abreast of time, weather, appointments and your friends’ whereabouts, but they still scream, “Geek!” Here’s an alternative.


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