Long gone are the days when all a watch did was tell time. These brand new smartwatches can help with a whole lot more — one tick at a time.
Text by Ros Prado | June 2, 2018 | Luxury

Watch Out
With its elegant round face, LG’s G Watch R is as much of a fitness gadget and calendar as it is a wristwatch. Equipped with Google Android Wear, this watch informs you of incoming calls and messages, registers your physical activity and heart rate and even provides local weather forecasts. Its most notable and attractive quality is its ability to connect to 3G technology and Internet access. Move over regular wristwatches, there’s a new sheriff in town;

In Gear
Samsung was proud to announce what is said to be the first smartwatch capable of making and receiving phone calls without being paired to a smartphone. This sleek, elegant, curvy model is more than just eye-candy as it offers Wi-Fi connectivity, pedestrian navigation and a built-in GPS. The Gear S will allow users to check their emails, text messages, browse the web and make calls. Bet you never thought a watch could be so efficient and look this good;