The coveted pieces on the following pages express the force and sensuality of movement, with stones and metals uniting to create vivacious, fluctuating compositions. Sometimes delicate, at other times audacious, these pieces are often the product of geometric concepts that are developed in sinuous volumes that are strident, dramatic and never less than dynamic.
Text by Kaya Baez photos courtesy of Morays Jewelers | June 7, 2018 | Luxury

Jewelry by Cantamessa, a brand that began in 1939 working exclusively with Royal Families that has since reached unrivaled global success. In 2000, Sotheby’s featured Owner Fabrizio Cantamessa in their coveted catalogue Au Courant as one of the 10 major contemporary jewelry designers in the world.

All pieces available at Morays Jewelers, celebrating 70 years as the gem of Downtown Miami; 305.374.0739; 50 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33132;

Mughetto Ring

Anturium Ring

Premiere Earrings

Rosa Ring

Rosa Choker

Anturium Ring

Polsino Bracelet

Cantamessa Ring

All pieces available at Morays Jewelers; 50 NE 2nd Ave., Downtown Miami; 305.374.0739;