Revolutionary Redesign

In 1972, Mercedes-Benz introduced the first S-Class vehicle, simultaneously creating an automotive icon as well as establishing the standard against which all other luxury sedans would forever be judged. As the 2014 S-Class proves, the firm continues to combine brilliant technology with unsurpassed creature comforts and safety.
Text by bill lindsey Photos Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz | June 8, 2018 | Luxury

Ever since Mercedes-Benz introduced the world’s first production automobile in 1886, a 3-wheeled self-propelled carriage named the Motorwagen, the brand has been setting benchmarks in terms of performance, styling and comfort. However, while it could totally rest comfortably on past achievements, basking in the excellence that has already been wrought, for 2014, the firm started all over as it developed a new standard for luxury sedans, which had in large part actually been set by earlier incarnations of the S-Class, the flagship of the Mercedes line.
The all-new S-Class manages to shatter all previous standards of what a luxury 4-door car can be. The completely new exterior has the appearance of a sleek shark, effortlessly slicing through the water, while ready to burst into a blur of motion. The lines sensuously flow from the perfection that is the virtually 3D grille, past the unique, lamp-free, trapezoidal LED headlamps with an LED arc which, by the way, manages to perfectly emulate the insouciant glare of a fashion model, along the flanks of the car and back to the tail end which sheds airflow so as to accentuate speed and stability. Even parked with no one at the wheel, this is a car that demands attention. The spoked wheels perfectly emulate the turbine engines of a private jet, which is a great hint as to what awaits inside the cabin.
The electronics devoted to rear passengers would be outstanding if found in the driver’s section of any lesser vehicle. Additionally, individual touchscreens await, each ready to access the Internet as well as multimedia options. As if that were not enough to have passengers clamoring for cross-country trips to pick up the week’s groceries, the seats all feature heated massagers, and to accommodate virtually any shape or sized passenger, the electronics’ controls flex to ensure easy access.
Forward, the driver is kept informed of all mechanical, electronic and locational data via a matched set of 12.3” monitors that would look right at home on the bridge of a $30 million Feadship Superyacht. Unlike lesser vehicles that make do with just the standard traditional instrument panel, the S-Class provides a wealth of information, yet somehow manages to do so in an understated way that’s quite a welcomed surprise. The electronics interface with Mercede-Benz’s proprietary Drive Kit Plus system allows full access to the sophisticated electronics suite via a smartphone. Soon to be standard on all Mercedes-Benz models, for now it’s only available on the S-Class. Going well beyond the standard climate control systems and basic GPS navigation center found in most other automobiles, the firm’s proprietary “mbrace2” system allows full access to the Internet from the car, as well as a broad variety of applications and unique in-car features. As an example, it affords previews of destinations and live traffic conditions to ensure that getting from Point A to Point B is as quick and easy as possible. If additional specific information or concierge-level services are desired, drivers have 24/7 access to Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance via phone or by simply pressing the dedicated access button on the dash.
In order to allow the driver full control of the vehicle under virtually any circumstances, Mercedes lavishes the S-Class with available 4Matic All Wheel Drive as well as its proprietary Accident Deterrence Support, Miracle Eyesight Command, Cross-Traffic Help, Active Route Night Perspective and many other systems engineered to aid in safety. As just one example of innovation, the Pre-Safe system is constantly monitoring the car’s immediate environment to determine if a collision might be imminent. In the event the system determines a collision is about to occur, the system tightens seat belts, adjusts head restraints and works with the Accident Deterrent System to apply brakes and thus avoid — or significantly reduce — the chances of injury and damage. Another system, Attention Assist, utilizes sensors that serve other functions, monitoring steering feedback, acceleration and other factors to determine if the driver seems to be succumbing to fatigue, at which point the system activates an audible alarm guaranteed to refocus the driver’s attention back on the road.
While microprocessors keep the car operating at peak efficiency, the interior is designed to be a haven of comfort and style guaranteed to soothe the soul. Many yards of supple leather and expanses of finely-veneered wood give the interior the feel of a London club, all bathed by indirect lighting that can be adjusted as the driver and passengers’ whims dictate. The overall fit and finish of the interior explain why the S-Class has long been the preferred mode of transport of those who demand the ultimate, yet do not wish for the garishness of a traditional limousine. Available appointments include the “enterprise facility” which features a telephone handset, various storage compartments and a folding desk to allow passengers to get some work done while on the road.
While the broad range of luxurious appointments and a breathtaking exterior attract attention, it has always been the engineering that goes into the mechanics of a Mercedes-Benz that makes the term “world-class” seem not quite sufficient. Propelled by an available twin-turbocharged 4.6 Liter V8, the S-Class can accelerate from 0-60 mph in a scant 4.6 seconds; to put that in perspective, it means this rather large vehicle has performance similar to that of supercars such as the Porsche 911. Hybrid and diesel-powered versions will also be available for those who seek to enjoy the comforts of a luxury vehicle while somewhat lessening their impact on the environment.
The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is available at Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables; 300 Almeria Ave., Coral Gables; 305.445.8593;