Gyroscopic Genius

Watch snobs would never resort to a timepiece powered by batteries, but self-winders must be worn to remain accurate. If you have ever realized your favorite watch has stopped due to inactivity, take a look at this unique solution.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 25, 2018 | Luxury

Watchmakers advise that watches be kept running for optimal operation and to display the correct time. However, as anyone who owns more than one self-winding timepiece can attest, that is easier said than done, even if you wear a different watch each day. A watchwinder is the answer, but not all are created equal. The firm of Döttling is renowned for winders that combine art with cutting-edge technology. A great example is their Gyrowinder; it features the ability to rotate the watch a full 360 degrees and can adjust the oscillation to meet virtually any specific winding requirements. It looks like of a piece of NASA equipment, which is no surprise…it was inspired by the massive gyroscope used to train astronauts at Kennedy Space Center. You’ll be mesmerized to observe it in action as it maintains the readiness of your watch;