Carbon Nirvana

Carbon trim has become all too common as a substitute for real performance, but on the DB9 Carbon Black, it’s not only appropriate, it’s actually part of the name.
Text by Bill Lindsey Photos courtesy of Aston Martin | May 26, 2018 | Luxury

As the “bad years” when the marque was owned by a firm best known for taxi cabs recede in memory, the new management of Aston Martin continues to burnish the image while setting the bar higher with each new model. None perhaps go quite as high as the DB10, of which only 10 will be produced, all of which are long since sold to folks who get phone calls from Warren Buffett. For a slightly larger subset of car aficionados, there’s the DB9 (and in particular, the Carbon Black Edition) whose unique monochromatic exterior hints at the raw performance awaiting in the all-black leather interior accented by glowing red stitching. The DB9 would easily be Batman’s second choice of a daily driver. A V-12, 500 hp engine propels the DB9 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. Looking for a way to reward your inner bad boy? This is it;