Smart Connection

Smart watches offer a plethora of apps to keep you abreast of time, weather, appointments and your friends’ whereabouts, but they still scream, “Geek!” Here’s an alternative.
Text by Bill Lindsey Photos courtesy of Tag Heuer | May 22, 2018 | Luxury

We’ve all seen I.T. snobs go from eschewing wristwatches to embracing smartwatch technology with a ferocity normally associated with Junior Leaguers and their Jimmy Choos. Yes, the new smartwatches keep you on top of all social media and your must-have apps so you never have to miss a single Tweet, making them a must for those who feel the need to remain connected 24/7. The downside is the fact that these timepieces look like props from the Warren-Beatty-as-Batman movie — they are actively fugly. Here’s an alternative: the new Tag Heuer Connected with the classic good looks of a traditional chronograph. The hands are actually a digital display that can also show a number of Android-based sports and wellness-related apps. Fans of iPhones will need to hope for future versions that support their devices, but for now the rest of us can look just a little more hip and dapper when someone asks us for the time;