Valet VIP

Shopping is fun. Finding a parking space isn’t. Happily, the days of circling around the block are over in Downtown Coral Gables with the revolutionary Centralized Valet Parking System on Miracle Mile.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 22, 2018 | Luxury

What is Centralized Valet Parking? Simply put, you can drop off your car at any one of the 5 valet stations on Miracle Mile and pick up your car at the station of your choice. The means you can park to meet friends for brunch, wander around shopping, opt to stay through dinner if you like…and when you’re ready to head home, you can pick up your vehicle at the valet station nearest you. But, wait…it gets better. The Coral Gables City Commission voted unanimously to reduce the valet rates to $5 for the day and night from the former rate of $8. Plus, they’ve made valet runners easier than ever to spot with uniform red shirts with a “Valet” logo on the sleeve and “Centralized Valet” on the back. Not staying long enough to warrant valet service? There’s plenty of metered parking and 6 garages at affordable rates within walking distance of all the action;