Future Vroom

The latest generation of smartphones are a great example of how we rely more on technology than ever for what used to be mundane tasks — including driving around town.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 29, 2018 | Luxury

This year’s crop of new cars are packed with high-tech systems such as Acura’s cordless charging tray for phones and a 7-inch screen to monitor all vehicle systems. Lexus offers a smartphone app that transforms your phone into the ultimate remote control to unlock, lock or start the car; parents of teenagers will like the ability to set maximum speed and mile limits. Hyundai’s Ultra Heads-Up (HUD) technology allows you to monitor speed, GPS directions and even blind spots. Mercedes-Benz’s Collision Avoidance System lets you know if you come too close to another car by vibrating the steering wheel to get your attention. Audi’s Park Assist allows the A8 sedan to slide itself into tight parking spaces with very little input on the part of the driver. So what’s next? Well, the road’s the limit.