Issue – July/August 2016

Life Lenses

Explore a few daily tasks as experienced by introverts and extroverts. Their differences have been documented since the beginning of time, but with a constantly evolving “connected” society emerging, the contrasts have never been more prominent.

Home In The Making

From its first store on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, El Dorado Furniture has flourished into one of the Top 50 furniture retailers in the country by focusing on customer demands and putting family first.

Pasión de Ritmo Starring Samantha Galler & Jovani Furlan

A symphony of dancing rhythms strikingly brings to life the colorful boldness and intricate characteristics of clothes.

Maniac on the Go!

The 24-hour daily routine of Miami women requires a casual look that can take her from work to the gym…to the beach.

Shape Shifters

Motivation comes in many forms, and getting in the best shape of your life is just an effective workout regimen away. The fitness professionals you are about to meet can help you attain the body of your dreams in no time.

Wow Factor

Meet a few of Miami’s top professionals of perfection to find out how they can help you yield the best version of yourself possible — no matter what your aesthetic goals.

Confessions Of A Beauty Queen

When it comes to being a beauty queen, it takes more than good looks and a beautiful body to earn the crown and don the title. Here are some reflections from beauty queens who have taken the stage and brought home the crown — and everything that comes with it.

Mindful Leadership

Monique Catoggio, CEO of Illumined Life Leadership, helps professionals and leaders illuminate their path toward mindful leadership so that they may focus their lives and energy with sufficient passion and intention.

Top School

Mater Grove Academy is a K-8 high-performing “A+” school located on the Boys & Girls Club’s 10-acre campus near Coconut Grove. In partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, students are exposed to a variety of extracurricular activities, which include performing arts, sports, tutoring and much more.

Giddy Gadgetry

Each Spring, tech heavyweights announce their upcoming products for consumers. In May, Google had its annual Developers’ Conference, Google I/O showcasing their next year in apps, gadgets and other techy trends. If you didn’t have a chance to watch it on the Internets, here’s a quick recap.

Island Gem

Living doesn’t get any better than on Key Biscayne — and location doesn’t get any more valued than the prime oceanfront at Oceana Key Biscayne.

Furry Awe

Harlan Weikle is a retired reporter and animal lover who, along with wife Nancy, co-founded Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community. Together they collect, recycle and donate wheelchairs to specially-abled dogs and animals with missing or disabled limbs, providing them with the gift of mobility and enabling them to “fly” again. Below is a poem from Weikle that embodies his passion.

Urban Influx

Miami is undergoing a major densification, and Coconut Grove is a strong part of that urban reveal for millennials wanting to be close to the city center. Coconut Grove is a strong part of that urban revival for millennials wanting to be close to the city center.

Personal Commitment

The Roads Dental Specialty understands that every patient is unique. In addition to providing first-rate service, they work hard to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to help overcome patient’s traditional dental anxieties.

Car-less Miami?

Ralph Rosado nixed his car for 30 days to complete a challenge that helped shed light on transit options and opportunities to help keep Miamians mobile and less car-dependent. Here’s what he learned.

Professional Insight

After conceptualizing and designing Brickell Flatiron for several years, the feeling of putting the shovel in the dirt at the groundbreaking has been Vanessa Grout’s most rewarding experience so far.


In recent months, Officer Nick Perez and his full-time team at Miami PD have gotten a lot of attention for the funny, insightful and creative communication platform they’ve built online, most recently with their video response to the Miami Beach PD’s Running Man Challenge. The viral masterwork culminates with a breakdancing routine in the lobby of the police station that has made its rounds around the world.

Family Matters

Everyone dreams of having a family, those nearest and dearest to us to share life’s joys with. But for some, that dream isn’t easily achieved, which is where fertility treatments and IVF come in.

Always A Party

Summer is in full swing. It’s the time of year for backyard BBQs, pool parties and causal cocktails at home. We reached out to some of Miami’s expert party-throwers, chic hostesses and savvy social butterflies to give us some tips on how to take your next soiree to a whole new level.

Furnished Or Unfurnished?

When the decision comes to buying or selling real estate, there’s always the question: furnished or un-furnished? As an interior designer for over 35 years, I have seen more and more over the past 10 years that the majority of buyers like to purchase furnished real estate. 

Modern Candlelight

Imagine all the glamour and ambience of real candlelight in a striking chandelier with no candles and no flames inside one-of-a-kind clear acrylic “seraphs.”

Uniquely Adventurous

If you love the roar of a V Twin engine and the rush of the highway, but would never consider straddling a motorcycle, here’s a 3-wheeled solution.

City Lovin’

Every time I venture off to discover a new place domestically or abroad, I always return home with a greater appreciation for Miami and everything the city has to offer.

Stand-Up Spa

Say “chromatherapy” and one’s mind immediately travels to the relaxing, rejuvenating offerings at top spas around the world.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Fare Warning

A trip to Ariete may cause you to have too much of a good of a time and develop a severe addiction to fine dining, mouthwatering cocktails and outstanding customer service.

Anti Buzz

When it comes to social boozing, sometimes grabbing “a” drink with a pal can turn into a head-throbbing hangover the next day, leaving you wondering “what happened?!”. Learn how to replace “I’ll have another” with “water, please.”

Origins Of Delicious

Although no one’s sure exactly where BBQ originated, one thing’s certain: It’s a drool-worthy, time-tested method of cooking for backyard soirees, major celebrations and just about any occasion.

Dreaming Of Tokyo

The epicenter for anime, gadgets and all things innovation — Japan’s capital metropolis is a cultural landscape that fuses modern skyscrapers, art and the hipster fashion scene with centuries-old temples, traditional tea ceremonies and the pomp and circumstance of The Orient.

Eye Wonder

More than windows to our souls, our eyes interpret a flurry of stimuli in a split-second and can reveal stories of love, life and health.

Inspired Unveiling

During the 2nd Edition of Maison & Objet, LOEWE and Solar Magazine presented the “Marquetry In Leather” furniture project by Jonathan Anderson.

Social Soiree

M & M Private Lending Group and Aria On The Bay hosted a Spring Soiree with plenty of opportunities to learn, mix and mingle.

Bachelor Bash

Switchboard Miami honored the participants of this year’s Singles For Switchboard Bachelor Auction.

Changing Lives

Joshua’s Heart Foundation celebrated their 10-year anniversary by honoring our “Superheroes Of Service” during a special event at Ransom Everglades School.

NEW Digs

Poltrona Frau Group Miami celebrated the move to their new location at 59 NW 36th St. by launching a line of innovative and high-tech outdoor kitchens by Laboratorio Mattoni Roma.

Design Leaders

Orlean hosted an exclusive cocktail reception where the biggest names in design gathered to celebrate the opening of its first showroom in the U.S. in Miami’s Design District.

Sculpture Showcase

Melo Group’s Melody Tower became home to Downtown Miami’s newest public art installation during the unveiling of a giant stainless steel violin sculpture by Helidon Xhixha.

A Decade Of Excellence

Segafredo Brickell celebrated 10 years by unveiling a newly renovated look, fresh tapas-centric menus, an added outdoor terrace bar, and advanced lighting & sound systens during a special event featuring DJ Ravin of Buddha Bar Paris.

Momentous Milestome

On the heels of securing an $80 million loan for their 300 Biscayne Rental Project, PMG celebrated the project’s groundbreaking with a block party on the freshly cleared construction site.


Best Friends

The joy of rescuing offers not only second chances but the ability to save lives and build bonds, transforming both human and canine destinies forever. Each rescue story echoes compassion and hope through wagging tails, grateful hearts and pure love.

The Go Getters 2024

Located in one of the most diverse and dynamic business centers in the world, Miami Herbert Business School offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage and grow. The graduates are thought-leaders who transform business, scholarship and lives. To celebrate them, We partnered with the school to present our annual “Go-Getters” feature, honoring current students and recent grads, their successes, hopes and dreams.