Stand-Up Spa

Say “chromatherapy” and one’s mind immediately travels to the relaxing, rejuvenating offerings at top spas around the world.

Now luxury homeowners can have that treatment on demand, right at home. Cutting-edge design company Graff wants people to achieving balance and harmony every morning when they step under the sexy, techy jets of the lavish $19,000 Aqua-Sense Shower. Chromatherapy is more than just pretty; it’s a scientifically proven technique by which colors have a direct influence on a person’s physical and psychological condition. It’s well known that color via vibrations can calm, energize and focus your thoughts. Add in a soothing rainfall, tempting rain curtain or full cascade at just the right temperature and you’ll never have to leave this stand-up home spa again. A waterproof touchpad allows precise control of the all functions, including the enveloping ceiling, wall and handheld sprays;