Anti Buzz

When it comes to social boozing, sometimes grabbing “a” drink with a pal can turn into a head-throbbing hangover the next day, leaving you wondering “what happened?!”. Learn how to replace “I’ll have another” with “water, please.”
Text by Anja Maltav | May 18, 2018 | Lifestyle

Bar tabs around the world are getting bigger and bigger as barmen and women continue to outdo themselves with tasty, creative cocktails that patrons can’t help but order. They are elaborate, refreshing and oh-so-cool. Most of them have catchy names that just make you want to blurt them out…over and over again. But what’s not so appealing is the slurred speech, disheveled outfit, frumpy posture and the drunk-face selfies that result when you’ve downed one too many.
Next time you venture off into a bar near you, try to avoid the inevitable by sticking to water, or fizz, or any liquid that will keep you sober. Just try it for a month. You’ll notice a few things you might not have expected like sounder sleep, brighter skin, fresher breath and a more focused outlook.
I know, I know. It’s not “cool” to pass on the sauce when everyone else is drinking. But there are those amongst us who never sip alone or otherwise — whether for religious reasons, past vices or as a personal choice. Some people really don’t like the taste of alcohol or to feel drunk, or buzzed or impaired in any way. You may not be one of those people, but give it a try and see if the grass is greener on the other side. You never know — you may just pick up a good habit to replace your incessant social chugging.

Mocktails: They taste just like the real thing, sans the hangover. It will probably save you a few extra calories and help keep your credit card balance in check.

No-Buzz Beer: From Japanese favorite Kirin FREE to Sharp’s to Busch NA, non-alcoholic brews with just trace amounts of ABV can be found at just about any bar, restaurant or houseparty around the world.

Get Hydrated: Some sparkling water or soda with a lime garnish goes a long way at any gathering to trick your brain — and your boozy buddies — that it’s party time even if your BAC is on the floor.